Volcano Trees

Volcano Trees, otherwise known as Igneopine, is a short fern with a characteristic black, or reddish hue, and a stonelike bark. The Igneopine lives only in volcanic regions, where it thrives due to it's particular adaptations to the environment. It's leaves are made from a porous stone, or pummus, and shaped to catch water in the leaf itself, since the rocky ground rarely absorbs water easily, which is then stored throughout the tree. It forms a single, powerful root through the earth, until it reaches magma below, and then it branches out, and back up into another tree farther off. Whole forests of Volcano Trees are often actually a single Igneopine.

These roots absorb the Magma, storing the minerals, and converting the heat into stored energy for it to use later. The high amount of minerals absorbed by the tree allow it to form a bark made from stone, impervious to most natural predators, and mixes with the wood to create a much harder, but more brittle wood, that seems more ceramic than wooden.

Armor crafted from the wood is fire resistant, and lighter than steel, although it is less sturdy. Igneopine can be used in to create alchemical substances to resist fire, and when ground down and mixed with water, creates a natural glue, that is very effective on wood and stone.

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