Full Item Description

Tryvaard‘s Longspear appears to be a good quality, narrow-bladed spear with short wings. The spearhead is bronze and is adorned with many runes inlaid with silver.


The island of Tyos was home to the small city of Coryan. The city was prosperous with skilled craftsmen, fishermen and thriving farms. That was until the great cyclops, Skyeheld, arose from the sea and demanded tribute. Towering over the highest battlement, none of the cities warriors could overcome their fear to fight the monster, and in truth, none could prevail. Instead the city paid the tribute, and continued to pay as Skyeheld’s greed matched his size.

As this went on, violence and starvation began to ravage the city and young Tryvaard’s father, an innkeeper of some repute, was slain by thieves seeking food. In his despair, Tryvaard appealed to the capricious mountain spirits of Tyos.

In return for 20 years service, the spirits gave Tyvaard a weapon to use against the cyclops.

The day of the next tribute, instead of wagons of food and chests of treasures, the cyclops found a single young boy carrying an insignificant little spear. At first the cyclops seemed amused What was this little insect doing here and where was my treasure? thought the cyclops. His amusement quickly turned to anger and he strode forth to crush the little man under his sandals. His stride was checked by a sudden, excruciating pain through his eye! Somehow the little bug was able to lance his eye with that puny toothpick! Though the spear lacked the size to kill with this stroke, the wound served to blind and enrage the cyclops. Stomping around wildly in his efforts to crush his attacker, he did not see the poorly concealed, but large pit the townspeople had labored to dig. Again and again the cyclops felt the prick of the spear, becoming more and more frantic with each sting, until finally his foot found the pit. Not large enough to capture him, the pit still served to trip the cyclops and bring him to the ground. As the ground shuddered with the impact, the warriors of Coryan sprung from hiding and charged the stunned giant. To Tyvaard’s pinpricks were added a hundred more, and though every unaimed swing of the cyclops laid many warriors low, the ground was red with his blood.

Through great effort Skyeheld regained his feet, but instead of finishing the fight, he staggered back to the sea, never to be seen again.

Nor was Tyvaard seen again on the giant’s departure, a silver sphere appeared and dozens of skeletal hands dragged him into it. The sphere then collapsed into small pinprick of light and vanished. Naught but the spear remained to show where he was.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The Longspear has the simple power of allowing an attack on any target within 100’ of the user as if they were within normal spear-thrusting range. There must be an unobstructed path between the spearman and the target however - the first intervening object will receive the attack.

When thrust, the tip of the spear disappears about 4’ in front of the user and emerge 2’ away from the target (if the target is within normal spear-range, nothing unusual will happen).
Throwing the spear will not have any special effect when thrown it behaves as any other spear.

There is no limit to how many or how often these attacks are made, but there are a couple ‘issues’.

1.The spear can be grabbed by the target or otherwise entangled. It is built to reduce the chance of it becoming imbedded witness the wings, but there is still a chance.
2.Each time the distance attack is made, a small puncture is made in the fabric between planes. As a result, the site of an attack will radiate magic both at the point where the spear disappears and at the point of reappearance. This could result also in a small gate opening and ...something… could come through.

Plot Hooks


The high priest of Aan was slain in broad daylight while addressing the public on the temple balcony. Though magic was in place to guard against invisible attackers, no visible attackers were seen when the priest has struck. The mage who sold the anti-invisabililty charms is currently being interviewed, but so far his screams have not implicated anyone. The PC’s are brought in to investigate.


The dark Mage Syvillus has found a nexus where the barriers between this world and the abyss is very thin, and a gate could be opened if the right means were found. Now, his research has found that a magic spear held in the Coryan city museum should prove to be just the item he has been looking for…

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