Trolls have difficulty counting because they're so thick, so their system of measurement might be less easy to follow...

Trollish measurement:
Despite their inability to quantify distance, trolls are nevertheless very good at judging it. Their small minds cannot cope with the metaphor of describing lengths with numbers. They simply have a good intuitive grasp.
# 'Near' corresponds to ~ 20m
# 'Not far' corresponds to ~ 1km
# 'A fair way' corresponds to ~ 5km
# 'Quite far' corresponds to ~ 10km
# 'A good walk' corresponds to ~ 30km
# 'A long way away' corresponds to ~ 100km
# 'As far as the eye can see' varies with visibility

So a city that's about 150km away would be described as being 'A long way away and then a good walk after that' which isn't too useful till you know how trolls think about distance...

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