The Treller Vine is originally a tropical plant, a somewhat symbiotic/ parasitic vine the infests trees, related to the air fern species. It is a long green vine, with small spadish leaves, and small white flowers in the spring. The vines string along the surface, wrapping around branches or moving along walls or trees. It will also put out thin runners that cascade down with gravity which are used for food production.

In the Jungle, Treller Vine lives on trees, creating another layer of green around the bark of the tree. The Vine uses the bark and outer softer wood layers as its' "soil". It coils around the tree and creates a green fringe. The vine is slightly sticky, trapping bugs and bits of food material that are absorbed by certain sections of the vines. That material is added to the blown dirt and decomposing litter to make a paste like soil on the tree (which serves as home to many jungle insects)

In the beginng the vine strengthens the soft woods of the jungle trees. The lattice of roots adds support. Eventually the vine infests too many levels, adds too much weight, and the wood is weakened and the tree collapses.

Additional Information
Somehow, some Treller Vine spores found there way to more temporate regions. The local trees were harder wood and more resistant to the Treller Vine. (Trellers will infest the temporate trees, but not very successfully.) However, Life found a way.

The spores found bits of mold and soil in the higher spots of houses and castles. It dug into those areas and has thrived. Given the drier environment here, its has more dust and dirt to create it own soil. The wild flowers here (and a few insects) have taken to growing in this new nitch created by the Treller Vines. In no where can this be better seen than in Calanderas, as seen in the City Image - Calanderas submission.

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