Fist sized diamond found and cut by a group of dwarves hailing from the Mountains of Mourn. The sale was quick but very public, it was widely known that Archmage Olikan has been searching for such a jewel and it was big news when he finally got it.

Tolky was the King of Thieves in his city. His lair was well hidden and very secret. It would be the robbery of the century if he could pull it off, and he did. He was the best, and proved it. He stole the diamond out of one of the best protected towers and most powerful wizards in the land.

Unfortunately for him it only took two days for the Archmage to track him down and destroy his secret den and him with it. So the story spread and through the telling the diamond became known as Tolky’s Rock in memory of one of the greatest heists ever pulled. Archmage Olikan is still looking for the diamond and offers a large reward for its return or information leading to its return.

Magical Properties:
Tolky’s Rock is only magical in the sense that it has a locating spell cast on it. The rock was only in the Archmage’s possession for less than a week and the only spell he put on it was a locating spell. He was overzealous in his casting and it turned into more like a beacon that was on all the time annoying Archmage Olikan. So a quick fix till he could redo that spell was to create a bag to put it in that would hide the locating spell radiating from it.

Once the diamond is out of the bag it sends out pulses like a lighthouse that the Archmage can follow from any distance.

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