Foundation Age (20.000 PC - 7500 PC)
The Era of Elves
The Era of Dwarves
Era of Elves (20.000 PC - 12000 PC)

??? to ca. 20000 PC - Elves defeat the giants and bring down their empire.
20000 PC - Elves holds the Gathering and found the First Nation in Éran known as Quiravil (Land of Quiral). Quindalyn, son of Quiral, is named the first High King.
13800 PC - First signs of decay in the First Nation, as the rule of House Lindiyiwa (later Grey elves) and Yanqiaa  (the two most powerful houses, who were constantly battling for the throne) becomes more and oppressive.
13750 PC - Dwarves from Morazak emerge from the Underdark for the first time in larger numbers. Six of the eighteen elder clans are enslaved / civilized by House Yanqiaa. Among them are clan Dumadoin. The twelve others hide in the mountain depths of the Underdark again.
1300 PC - Beginning of the great Elf-War as many of the elves are disgusted by the ethics of House Yanqia, and to a lesser extent degree, House Lindiyiwa. Quiravil exists only in name, as all the different Houses fight for dominance of (or autonomy from) the empire. The First Nation is torn apart in civil war.
12800 PC - The six enslaved Dwarven clans are freed by the House Sylicausiux (later Sylvan elves), after the Battle of Chains. Destruction of Lilyaxan, greatest city of House Lindiyiwa.
12350 PC - The Yanqiaa completely slaughter the city of Ilmdras, burning it to the ground. The begin a campaign of extermination in the lands of the high elves. Horrified, the other houses put aside their differences in order to stop what has now become a great enemy of elvenkind itself.
12200 PC - Fracturing of the elves. The Elf-War ends. Although the elves are now divided into different sub-races (though they are very similar at first, this is the beginning of the process that would see the elves evolve into different the different sub-races), Quiravil still stands, and the empire is slowly restructured and restrengthened. Several tribes flooded and trapped under the sea by the Drewo, are forgotten. Within the next two-hundred years, they gradually transform into sea-elves. The grey elves begin constructing the Hidden Cities.

Era of Dwarves (12000 PC - 7500 PC)

12000 PC - Foundation of Morazak, first dwarven nation in Éran.
11500 PC - Morazak rules nearly all of the Underdark. Most of the modern underdark is what was delved by the dwarves in this period.
11200 PC - Morazak brings the Gnomish and Halfling kingdoms under their rule. Rise of the Small Empire.
10250 PC - Clan Dumadoin rises to power in the dwarven empire of Morazak. They immediately start propagandizing for the extermination of the elves, citing the days of the Great Enslavement.
10000 PC - Beginning of The War of the Rock & Tree. Morazak, still under the rule of the embittered Clan Dumadoin, declares war on the elves.
9800 PC - The halflings and gnomes break free from Morazak in protest over the war. They remain neutral to this day.
9500 PC - The beastman plague spreads. Entire kingdoms of the new races fall to the plague as a new dark horde of creatures sweep across Éran. Beginning of the Abominations War.
9000 PC - The leaders of the elves and dwarves sign the Pact of the Rock & Tree and ally themselves to defeat this threat.
8200 PC - End of the Abominations War. The beastmen are defeated. The elder gods are exiled and the plague no longer infects the new races. The blackfolk races begin to breed true into the less potent races of kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, ogres and trolls.
Age of Man: (7700 PC - ???)
The Era of Magic
The Era of Darkness
The Era of Strife

The Era of Magic ( 7700 PC - 1200 PC)

Ca. 8200 PC to 7900 PC - The Migration of Man. Despite being caught in the midst of the war between dwarves and elves, humans begin to migrate to Éran from unknown lands in the east and south in great numbers, fleeing an unknown disaster greater than the threat of the war.
Ca. 8100 PC - The Isan, a human tribe, settles in the western plains of Éran and grows to be one the most powerful (and most civilized) human tribes in central Éran. In the north, the tribal wars between the future Hjorni Clans are at its climax.
8076 PC - Foundation of the Coalition of the Eleven Northern Hjorni Clans, at the first Grand Hjurkan (council), an event that takes place every 60 years afterwards, and has done so up to the present time.
8000 PC - The Sorcerer Kings of Ranadar create the city of the same name and from there subjugate eastern Éran to form an empire dedicated to the rule of force through magic, outlawing all deity worship and persecuting their followers.
7950 PC - The Sorcerer Kings of Ranadar discover the art of necromancy and use it to further their power.
7900 PC - Foundation of Isandor.
7100 PC - City of Ranadar is mysteriously destroyed. The empire falls apart within a year as a mysterious wizard-killing plague wipes out the dark warlocks.
6380 PC - Mendor weds the elven princess Nayavi and inherits the throne of Isandor the same year. Isandor establishes close bonds with the elven kingdoms and begin to learn more refined arts of magic from the elven wizards.
6300 PC - Mendor's twin sons Brahliss and Anzor, both among the most potent wizards in the empire, ascend to the throne in a dual rulership, known as the Time of the Twin Kings.
6200 PC - The Twin Kings fashion the Crown of Kings.
6000 PC - Beginning of the First Mage-War, also known as the Brother's War as Brahliss is discovered to be meddling with dark arts from the destroyed Ranadar and attempts to usurp the throne for himself. Brahliss takes control of the eastern part of the empires and from the attaempts to conquer the rest of Isandor. The destiny of the empire is at stake, as one strives for magic for the people and the other wants to limit it to the rulers.
5700 PC -End of the first Mage-War. Anzor becomes emperor and makes available the study of magic freely to all walks of life, as well as outlawing and persecuting the necromancers trained under Brahliss' dominion. A golden age for Éran as magic soars to heights never achieved before, and never surpassed since then. The elves and dwarves are experiencing a renaissance as Isandor is not above sharing their gifts. Distant colonies beyond Éran, even Theras itself, are established.
6300 PC - Anzor retires from the throne. He is not seen again.
6200 PC - Anzor's successor Zuonx abdicates the throne, thus starting the tradition of no emperor holding the seat for more than a century.
4500 PC - The Great Empress Mother of the Empire, Queen Nayavi disappears and is not seen again.
4200 PC - Isandor begins its period of agressive expansion and begins to bring the rest of Éran under its rule.
3100 PC - Heldon, legendary fighter of his time, becomes emperor. Second Warrior-dynasty. Magic begins to go under restrictions, much to the dislike of the extremely powerful archwizards of the empire. The great era of magic for Éran is now past its peak, though the skills of Isan wizards still surpasses that of modern wizards with great lengths. The grey elves isolate themselves from the outside world again.
2950 PC - The Rebellion of the Sword and Wand. Wizards stage a coup but fail. In the end, however, Emperor Giltan, High Warrior of Isandor, dies without a heir and the Court Wizard Raskir ascends to the throne. Beginning of the second Magus-dynasty.
2630 PC - Roland the Scourge becomes Emperor. First signs of degeneration, as the empire's rule becomes more brutal and aggressive.
2620 PC to 2300 PC - The Hjornik clans are pushed further and further north by the aggressive Isans, until only the polar regions are left for them to live in.
2600 PC - Roland subdues four of the eleven Hjornik clans. The remaining clans goes into hiding. Slavery is re-introduced in Éran.
Ca. 2550 PC - Necromancy is (re-)invented along with other perverted forms of magic. The Isan archwizards start to experiment with the creation of new servant-races. The degeneration of Isandor is complete. Many new monsters are created in this time-period until the fall of Isandor.
Ca. 2100 PC to 2000 PC - Isandor gains more power in the demi-human realms. One by one, they are annexed into the empire, through brute force and intrigue.
2050 PC - Isandor locates some of the grey elves Hidden Cities, and tries to invade them in order to steal their secrets. The assaults all end in disaster for Isandor as the armies are utterly crushed. They manage to destroy one of the Hidden Cities though and consequently, the remaining cities demonstrates their full might, destroying all documents and assassinating or magically erasing the memory of all who know the true location of the cities. The campaign for the Hidden Cities is abandoned by the Empire of Magic.
2000 PC - Isandor rules all of Éran, with the exception of the grey and sea elf realms and the hiding Hjornik clans.
1650 PC - Asztlor the Dark, Bane of Éran, becomes Emperor. Conditions in the empire are now well beyond the acceptable for the common people. Rebellions are happening more and more frequently but all are crushed brutally by imperial forces. Taxations and demands are becoming impossible to oblige to, and many are arrested and executed for simple disobedience. The archwizards generally rule through sheer terror and force.
1300 PC - Formation of the secret rebel society known as the White Wizards, trying to free the people from the oppression of the empire and disband the rule of wizards.
1250 to 1200 PC - Beginning of the Second Mage-war (also known as the Great War of Darkness) as the White Wizards fight against the mages loyal to the Empire, dedicated to preserving the magocratic society of Isandor. Full force rebellion against Asztlor by the combined forces of the elves, dwarves, rebel (White) wizards and any of the common people with the courage to take up arms. The White wizards discover that Asztlor has drained the life-force of hundreds of thousands of victims in an attempt to take control of the entire magic Mantle of Theras, to make him more powerful than even the gods. Mages across Éran engage in genocide as the battles esacalate. Terrible plagues wrought by magic sweep the land, bringing civilization to its knees. The demonlords Roulan and Degonemes raze the demi-human realms.
1202 PC - The Day of Dread.
Aztlor is defeated as he attemps his grand ritual for omnipotence.
The day of the final defeat becomes known as the Day of Dread as the capital Kantolan along with much of the surrounding lands sink into the sea due to a great magical mishap creating the Bay of Dread. Huge killer storms and tidal waves shock the continent. For three weeks, no magic works on Theras and magic-users are slaughtered in great numbers by uprisings and riots among the common people, rightfully blaming magicians for their sufferings. Countless priests are also slaughtered as the disillusioned people turn away from their gods who failed to protect them. As a result, divine influence is massively weakened in Éran for centuries afterwards. Countless monsters freed from the imprisonments created by the now defunct magic of the Isan wizards are freed in droves and wreak havoc across the continent. Wild magic is rampant throughout Éran for centuries afterwards, further destabilising the power and number of wizards. Fall of Isandor, mightiest human empire in the history of Éran. Beginning of the Age of Darkness.

Era of Darkness (1200 PC - 1 PC)

1200 PC to year ca. 150 PC - Civilization has fallen. Well-established communities exists only in the demi-human realms. All attempts (what few that were made) at establishing organised human nations are crushed within a few generations, either by peasants uprisings, blackfolk and barbarian invasion, wandering monsters, internal strife, lack of funds and food or plagues. Settlements are confined to isolated cities, towns and villages, living with the constant fear that their existence could well come to an end by a random wandering monster, plague or simply hunger. Trade is virtually non-existent. The demi-human realms go into total isolation to preserve their culture, to the point of being considered creatures of myth by the common people. Mages and priests are reduced to less than 1% of it's former population, as magic is viewed as inherently evil and the gods as traitors. The few who wield mystic and arcane powers do so under great secrecy and even fewer are taught these disciplines and so they decline rapidly within a couple of generations. Isandor fades from memory, except in the hidden recordings of the elves and dwarves.
1000 PC - The Yuan-ti begin building the Empire of the Snake in the Serpent Desert.
840 PC - Foundation of Altahkir.
The Lizard people begin building their kingdoms in the jungles of Yin-Nazul.
Ca. 150 PC to 1 PC - Civilization starts to blossom again. Kingdoms are born and trade is established once again. Éran is beginning to come out of its dark age.
570 PC - Foundation of Nenlon.
320 PC - Foundation of Ras Asnar.

Era of Strife ( 1 AC - ???)

1 AC - Birth of the kingdom of Brennèl, founded by Devon Bren I. Beginning of the Brennae Calendar.
7 AC - Devon I establishes Brennèl as a major military force, as he defeats the goblin kingdom of Grossel and drives the humanoids out of the neighbouring lands. Brennèl begins to build the most powerful army in western Éran, quickly annexing neighbouring states under its protectorate, many of them only too eager for the promise of protection and stability Brennèl provides.
16 AC - Devon I establishes the Academy of Higher Learning and declares it the property of all Éran, gathering as many learned scholars to Khourane as possible. Over the next century, it becomes the centre of academic learning and becomes a major factor in the rise of civilised societies in Éran again.
20 AC - The Empire of the Snake invades and conquers the Yin-Nazul jungles, enslaving the lizard people living there.
50 AC - The Academy of Arcane Studies separates itself from the Academy of Higher Learning as an independent institution, though it retains close ties to its academic brethren.
63 AC - Devon Bren I dies.
160 AC - Brennèl claims the Erron Valley.
240 AC - Brennèl conquers the northern provinces and begins establishing cities all along the Calmír Bay.
260 AC - The Empire of the Snake collapses. Great masses of former human slaves migrate north from the desert and populate southeastern Éran.
280 AC - Brennèl begins colonising the Steel Lands.
320 AC - Brennèl now spans all of Western Éran, excepting the northern barbarians. In the same year, the magnificient Tower of Magestar is erected in the city of Devi to house the guild of the Academy of Arcane Studies. Over the next 100 years, 400 more towers are erected in Erro (later Irios), The Campi Region, Steel Lands and the Northern Frontier, to serve as centres of magical studies in the regions. With the erection of the towers, the mage guilds become a firmly established part of society in the western empire.
340 AC - Rise of the Solman league in eastern Éran, as the Council of Regency is estalished around shared rulership through the ancient Isan artifact The Crown of Kings.
350 AC - Brennèl begins expanding across eastern Éran and establishes the Eastern Colonies.
ca.350-570 AC - Brennèl as at the height of its power.
560 AC - Declaration of the Solman Empire under the unified rule of the Crown of Kings, the first known multi-racially ruled empire in Éran. The Crown continues to be passed among the various members of Council of Regency every 50 years.
570 AC - Beginning of the War of Dominion as Duke Karl Rowenstad II of the province of Erron, rebels against the Brennèl Empire.
613 AC - Errion & Brennèl sign a treaty acknowledging each others sovereignty. Duke Karl II is crowned King Karl I of the Kingdom of Errion. Brennèl lose the northern provinces and Steel Lands to the newly formed Empire.
615 AC - The mage guilds of the now divided empire declare a pact of primary allegiance to magic, constituting an alliance between the towers above the laws of state and border.
690 AC - Errion embarks upon a policy of agression and invades and conquers the northern Calmír Region and begins annexing states in the Brennèl heartlands, the old empire disabled by inner turmoil.
700 AC - The First Crown War: Civil war breaks out in Brennèl as the various factions and families fight for power of the fallen empire. The eastern provinces are abandoned, forming the Coast States.
708 AC - Glonas of the house of Bren-Xixian emerges victorious through the backing of the imperial mage guilds. He is crowned Glonas I of Brennèl. Within a year, he has solidified his grip on the remnants of the empire. Over the coming years, the mage guilds of western Éran become a much stronger force on the political scene of western Éran.
780 AC - Errion is forced to grant independence to the powerful eastern states of old Erro over the next 30 years. The Steel lands, north and Calmír States remain nominally under Errion although the rule is loose. Errion's policy of agression and expansion is abandoned. A relatively stable peace between the two empires develops over the next 100 years.
874 AC - Beginning of the Third Mage-War as the various guilds of western Éran began a war of independence, the guilds of the towers of Devi and Errion clash the harshest, as the Errini rebel against the power and influence of the Brennel guilds and their use of it for political power.
879 AC - The Crown of Kings is stolen. The Crystal Tower of the Northern Frontier is destroyed by the Solman wizards in a surprise attack as they begin a war against the western guilds in retribution.
884 AC - The Solman Empire is torn apart in civil war, detracting the Solman wizards away from the conflict, as they turn their attention to the power struggle in their own lands. The conflict between the western guilds appear to subside of itself following this. End of phase one the Third Mage-War. In the same year, Rosgorth, a princehold in the northwestern Steel Lands, is overrun by humanoids.
891 AC - Zoryl, a powerful wizard, declares himself the Lord of the Empire of Rosgorth holding the Crown of Kings and just as the new year begins, declares war on all neighboring states, overtaking most of them with lightning speed, thanks to an unusual large number of demons in his service. Beginning of phase two of the Third Mage-War. The western guilds unify in response to the threat.
§         Feb - The Chaos Horde spills into the rest of the Steel Lands and conquers them within four months.
§         Oct - The Calmir States fall to the Chaos Horde.
892 AC - Zoryl enters a pact with the demonlord Asgorath and grants him entry to Theras. Asgorath launches his demon hordes against the fractured Solman Empire, starting a period in the Magewar that is known as the Demonwar in the east.
§         Mar - The Northern Provinces fall to the Chaos Horde. The invasion of the New Kingdoms begin.
§         Apr - The Chaos Horde presses Errion, managing to enter the heartlands of the kingdom.
§         Jun - The Council of Redwood is established as a desperate countermeasure to the Chaos Horde. Asgorath conquers the eastern colonies and lays siege to some of the Grey Elven cities and meets with spectacular failure.
§         Aug - Zoryl destroys the allied Council forces at the Battle of Xanor.
§         Sep - The Chaos Horde besieges Amenor, the capital of Errion, moving considerable troops away from the other frontlines to strengthen his grip on his primary enemy. Brennèl holds the southwestern Calmír Bay.
§         Oct - Errion falls to the Chaos Horde. Darkest hour of the war.
893 AC - Zoryl has withdrawn from the war, much to the suspicion of the mage guilds.
§         Feb - Plans for the retaking of Errion are initiated by the Council of Redwood out of Brennèl.
§         Jul - The re-strengthened Council forces reach Amenor and drives out the Chaos Horde. The mage guilds discover that Zoryl intends to duplicate Aztlor's ritual in an altered version.
§         Oct - The Chaos Horde meets the Council forces at the battleplains of Caslir, in the shadow of the great portal of Xonus. Zoryl prepares for his ascension to omnipotency at the portal, but the western guilds interfere and kills him. In reality, Zoryl is too powerful for them to kill him, and instead he is imprisoned inside the lonely mount Xanor. The Crown of Kings disappears. Stripped of leadership and direction, the Chaos Horde soon falls apart.
894 AC - Beginning of The Mage Death Period as wizards all over western Éran are hunted down. Though the towers are allowed to stand, magic comes under legal severe restrictions and are persecuted harshly for any breaches. Little is done to stop the civil actions taken against wizards. Only in the major cities do the rulers bother to give them even basic protection from the angry mobs. Most of the surviving wizards take to the wilderness to escape the legal persecution and general attempts on their lives from the population.
895 AC - The demonlord Asgorath is victorious in the east. Only the Old realms still stand. The demon hordes begin an organised campaign of mass extinction.
896 AC - Asgorath is banished by unknown forces. The mysterious Grey Adepts begin to make regular appearances in the east and west, fighting and banishing the remnant demonic forces. Beginning of the Shadow Years, as Éran slowly rebuilds from the ruins of the shattered civilizations.
1034 AC - The Five Cities of the Campi region declare their independence from Brennèl.
 1062 AC - The Grand Duchy of Alderan is formed by Argon Spèchele, trading his ancestral lands in Errion for rulership of this mostly undeveloped region.
1098 AC - Alderan is ceded from Errion as a sovereign kingdom, controlling the northern Calmír region.
1242 AC - The Daurilon Freeholds break away peacefully from Alderan.
1253 AC - Nendain breaks away from Alderan.
1271 AC - The Emperor of Brennèl Gelven VI is assassinated. Beginning of the Second Crown War, Brennèl falls apart in the ensuing political struggles. Four years later, Rothen I is crowned Emperor of Brennèl, but finds himself only actual ruler of the ancestral lands of Devi-Brennèl, the original lands of Brennèl.
1397 - The current year.

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