Gems, Diamonds, Crystal, Gold, Silver and all other valuable metals are made beneath the great weight of mother earth over millions of years. Though there are some that differ from this, like pearls which are forged in shells. This made me think, in what other ways(fantasy ways mind you), could precious metals be made?

Thrar Stones

There is a certain kind of trees named Silver Fir’s in the common tounge. Of old they are called Shelegran`s. These trees can grow to be up to a 100 meters long and have thick trunks. The wood is black and hard as stone. The needles are of a slight silver color(as the name suggests). No one has yet seen the natural death of a Silver Fir, at least there are no records of it, but the oldest one recorded is six thousands years(roughly). When these trees are at a young stage in their life, different objects can be melded into their trunks as they grow. Over thousands of years being polished and gnawed upon under a tremendous amount of pressure by this hard rock like wood, they are slowly forged into gems.

These gems are of a deep brown color with a hint of a slight glow from within. Their size may wary but none has been seen one bigger than a hand. Usually they are the size of a thumb. They are perfectly round and smooth.

They are so rare, as are the trees that many consider them only a legend or mythic. It is said that the tree slowly work the stones out of the trunks, this also helps in the process of their making, constantly being moved slightly out of the tree. When they have made their long yourney towards the light(lasting three thousand years or so), they fall from the tree like ripe fruit.

Though other say that there is a tool made of old to cut the wood of the Silver Fir. But the secret of these tools are lost and new gems will never appear. The Thar Stones are are subject to many stories and theories like these. But nontheless, there are people that claim to own them. Some even suggests the idea of a secret underground marked that trade in these stones and sell them to rich collector. If you are ever offered to buy one of a simple merchant on the street it is guaranteed to be a fake.

There are also many stories concerning the different magical properties of this gem, great powers, strenght and so forth. But none of these are true, it is true however that the owner of one is slightly more lucky than what normal folks are.

Magical Properties:

Said to hold the power of true luck.

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