To understand the Time Knights you must first understand the nature of time. Time is a like a huge circle it has no beginning and no end and it repeats itself. Because it is recurring there is no difference between one cycle of time and the next. All things are constant and if you know how to read time then you can see that every event that is to come to pass has already happened.

This continual order of time is predictable and natural. But there are certain renegade elements that for some reason are chaotic and disturb the relentless river of time. These renegade elements are people that are unpredictable and untamed. By looking into the future one cannot find out what will happen next with that person because they have an enviable control over their own destines.

This is why the Time Knights exist. They eliminate these defiant people seeing them as heretics who rebel against time itself. The Time Knights hate Renegades because they are unpredictible and they can in a way forge their own destiny. This could alter the history of the world. They do not care that the Renegades might do some good as well. The Renegades usually turn out to be great men before the Knights kill them. The Time Rebels (as the Knight sometimes call them) could potentially doom or save millions of people.

No one knows where they came from or when but they are commanded by ‘The High Duke'.

They are extremely powerful and possess many time-based abilities. These include being able to teleport anywhere by moving through time, being able to heal any wounds as long as they don't die before they can turn back time. They can win battles by predicting where their enemy will go with their all-knowing powers. They can stop time in certain place and freeze people in time as well.

The Time Knights usually kill renegades. Sometimes heated battles take place between the knights and the renegades. But the knights have never lost such a battle and according to their predictions they never will.

Role-playing hooks:

A Time Knight turns on the Order and begins spreading destruction and trying to take over the world for all eternity.

The heroes have at least one time renegade in their party and find themselves faced up against the Time Knights.

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