Race : Derevo/ Novotie
Appearance : Dark hair and eyes, skin ranges from dark to light brown. Slightly large ears and eyes.
Average Height : 7’ 3”
Average Weight : 230 lbs
Average Lifespan : 530 years
Typical Climate : Forest, Jungle, Temperate/ Sub-Tropical

Description : They can average to be around 225 - 240 lbs, but their bodies portray grace and beauty not muscular obesity. Their ears are larger than a human‘s ears, allowing them exceptional hearing. Their small facial features gives them a childlike look that their constant smiles do little to hide. The color of their skin ranges multiple shades of brown, giving them the ability to almost vanish in any woodland surrounding if similarly clothed.

Distinguished Traits : The Novotie are the oldest lived race in the forest as well as most of the known world. Their closeness to the spirit of the forests and their God has given them a few abilities that are special and thought of as gifts from Berakas. They have a powerful form of infravison that can see up to 65’ in total darkness, and can speak to all of natures creatures. They will seldom get lost outdoors, even on the cloudiest of nights.

Personality : Their love for the natural order of things has made their jovial society artistic, and lovers of music, song, and dance. Their skill with instruments is as astounding as their skill with the bow and other woodland weapons. They see any steel weapon as a pure killing tool and will have no business with one, unless forced to fight or defend for their lives. They do however, use daggers or knives, but only to hunt and skin animals with, not to kill or maim a person. If backed into a corner, however, this could change. They also have a high regard for all things living and if they need to hunt for food, they use all parts of the animal that they can and properly giving respect to the parts they cannot. This is normally done by burying them and never done just for its pelt or for pleasure.

Home : Being nomadic, they seldom stay in the same place for more than a few nights. Although this is the case, quite a few have actually traveled out into the civilized lands for a short period in their lives to see other wonders. Their non-aggressive behavior has made their lives in perfect harmony with nature and their wild surroundings. Not out of place in a city however, but they are at home in their element when in the forests.

Relations : Everyone in the tribe is considered an equal and never treated as beneath another. Whether the person is ten years or three hundred years of age does not matter to them. Full respect, though, is given to their Elders of the tribe, but only the Eldest is seen as all wise and knowing and considered the voice for the whole of the people. They are very nonaggressive and extremely polite, but they are fierce opponents when pushed to defending themselves and others.

Religion : They love nature to the fullest possible potential, and will do everything in their power to protect what they feel is a gift from Berakas, their God and way of life, and should be taken care of. They respect the other Gods, but Berakas holds their faith. Their priests are held nearly as high as their Elders in their level of deference and respect. Most of the Elders become priests at one point in their live span however, so they tend to have a number of Priests within their Elder group.
Language : Their spoken language is very melodic and soothing. It is said one nearly sings when they say hello in their language, which isn‘t far from the truth. Their vocabulary is extensive and precise and one must nearly sing it to get the tone right. Their written language has been accepted by most scribes throughout the lands as a universal text script. Very smooth and flowing and easy to read.

Favored Profession : They have no favored profession, however most Novotie become a Priest at some point in their life.

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