Orcs are more extreme than any other race; they are stronger, faster, more durable, and breed faster than rabbits. So why are have they not conquered the world? It is because their Gods are just as extreme. Unless there is extreme worship in their actions, the God's remove their favor from 'the weak'. Those that are unworthy find that the God's pulling their support from their actions... causing bad luck, missed combat strikes, weakness, loss of things, and death.

Flashing Spray of Red

(God of War)
He is the personification (orcification?) of aggressive combative actions. He touches the world every time the blood is spilled from the living who have an opened gate (are dying). He is pure offense. There can be no cowardice, retreat, or even defensive action without earning his displeasure. Some even think the use of bows or ranged weapon might be seen as weak by him. If you are 'weak' or waver in your offense, your worthiness to be touched by his luck/ skill/ prowess is reduced and you miss.

Shattering Rock

(God of Strength)
To an Orc strength is second only to bloodshed. Apply your strength well and often and you will rule over the weak. Do not use your strength well, and Shattering Rock will grant you weakness for not having faith in strength.

Moon's Shadow

(God of Stealth and Cunning)
An Orc must know when to strike well, thus the quiet and cunning Orc knows the favor of Moon's Shadow. Moving Silently, Finding Ambush, Striking when the time's right are all Right and Good in the eyes of Moon's Shadow. Unfortunately, being too cunning makes Flashing Spray of Red and Shattering Rocks jealous, thus they may withhold their favor from you. Remember, just as Orc Bands have conflict within them, so do the Orcish Gods. Thus the constant jockeying for position between them all.

Molder of Things

(God of Birth and Creation)
Molder of Things makes new Orcs and is the patron of making and made things. This is a complicated God, as it has many functions. In fact, only the shamans really understand her. First: Maker of Orcs. She clad aggression and strength that came through the gate in flesh. If Orcs do not breed enough or properly, she will withhold favor from them. For a female, this means she will die in child birth... to give her soul to one of the children. For a male, this means displeasure in other areas. Second is the Maker of things. However, to do right by her, Orcs need things, usually taken from other species. Molder of Things embodies all things, so how dare those Humans take part of their God?! Third, Moulder of Things cover possession and ownership. If a being does not have enough strength and combat ability, they do not have the right to own things (since all things are part of the god). Thus having Molder of Things' displeasure means things will no longer be yours.

That Which Guards The Gate

(God of Death)
That Which Guards The Gate rules over the passing of souls. Every time you are weakened (injury, illness, age), he comes looking for you. When it visits, there are three option, you live -suffering the pain for being weak (your personal gate is kept close), you die and become a new orc (your personal gate and the soul gate are open), or you become nothing (your personal gate opens (due to weakness), but the soul gate is closed. Pray that it looks favorably upon thee.

What Pantheon would complete with an enemy?

She of Warped Words

(The Orc Satan)
She is the Demon of Words. Words beyond the concrete truth are Evil. Words that twist the truth or divert the proper use of Battle, Strength, Cunning, or Ownership (and proof of ownership by combat or strength), are evil. They are not the true Orcish way. Action, not words. With warped words there are lies, and deceit, and unstrong thoughts. All other races are obviously infected by Warped Words. Orcs are strong. They have no need for such weak things despite their deceptive advantages.

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