This tavern and common house (restaurant) looks like any other quaint building in the area. It is a good sized common house, serving up to 50 people comfortably. It would be quite notable, if there was no other aromatic business nearby (like the corral and dyers). In fact nobody notices its peculiar scent except on the few holidays for the dyers.

The Stinking Rose gets its name by the primary ingredient for its food - Garlic. They serve it roasted to rub on bread, stuffing chicken, squicken, and beef, in salads, with noodles in sauce, in creme soups (house specialty), and in a variety of other recipes. The proprietor is quite mad for the stinking rose, attributing his robust health to his intake of garlic. (He owns the land that produces it locally). He has managed to make it the local fad among the gentry, so he is doing very well despite the location at the edge of town.

The beer and drink here is top notch. The local workers will come in for a pint or three and for lunch. They used to stay in mass after work, but the gentry has pushed them out. (Though a couple still stay at night for the fun of it). Garlic consumption, beer, and the occasional hand of cards, sums up a night here.

The sign of the Stinking Rose is quite large, with a bulb of garlic on a thorny rose stem. The name Stinking Rose comes from the words of a great bard who also believed in the power of Garlic.

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