Atop a small mountain inbetween the two towns of Garilo and Nearfield, in a small deadwood forest, lies a glade in where the barriers between the the Spirit world and the Corporeal world lie thin. Though nothing looks overly wrong, those who step in the glade will instantly have the sun dim for their vision, and their vision glared slightly, as though looking directly at the sun, even though its darker for them. Additionally, a sense of utter dread will encompass them. Though some people are unaffected by this place beyond that, some break out in shivers and sweats, some begin screaming and some crawl back out of the glade.
often when walking in this glade faint whispers of something inhuman will be heard.

Those who walk through this glade have a small chance of actually crossing to the spirit world. A world wherein you are constantly plagued by terror and the sensation that something is both after you, and watching you from above, like a predator watching prey. The spirit world is constantly dark, and the vision is wispy within it.

Anyone who comes into contact with something physical while in this glade will have a high chance of walking directly through it, though this does not always occur. This 'ethereal travel' allows one to travel through weapons, people, trees, shrubs and anything else, though it must not be relied upon.

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