The Bracelets of Quokul
The Sonorous Belled Bracelets of Quokul are wristbands of pierced leather, each with a single tiny bell hanging from a thread. Close inspection of these bells reveals detailed engraving, a network of runes intersecting each other, which together form an intricate web or knot. The bells come in three types of metal: Silver, gold, and bronze, each with a different color of thread attached. Silver bells have a rich blood red color. Gold bells have a bleached white thread, while the bronze has an olive green. The bells' thread always seems just long enough for the bell to fall in the palm of the hand. Each bracelet's leather band is embroidered or engraved with the same overlapping runes as cover the bells.
Quokul, later known as 'The Soundsmith', lived in a bell tower, where he shaped bells, chimes, whistles and other sound-making articles. At the height of his abilities, Quokul was hit with a degenerative disease called Talarid's Ocular Necrosis, a scourge which eventually caused blindness in its victims. He went to the local healers and priests, but they could not cure it, only delay the inevitable.

As the disease's symptoms grew more severe, Quokul frantically looked for a cure. He started dabbling in magic, looking for a cure there; to his surprise, he proved quite gifted at it. As he pored over ancient grimoires with his failing sight, the faint noises of the tower's bats caught his attention. In a flash of inspiration, he created his Sonorous Bracelets.
Magic/Cursed Properties
The Sonorous Belled Bracelets of Quokul make a slight ringing sound when flicked or tapped. While it lasts only a second and can only be heard by the wearer, this ringing sound gives a hazy image or view of the surrounding area, much like the sonar of bats, but lasting for 2 or 3 minutes.

The different metals of the bells each have a different sound, clarity, and range. The silver bells have a haunting, ethereal chime, and give intricate detail and range to the viewing. The bronze bells have a more of a sharp, clanking sound and give a very long range but very little detail. The gold bells sound more bright, happy, and church-like. They give a very detailed view, but not much range.

Unfortunately, if the Sonorous Bracelets of Quokul are used too often, they will add echoes of previous encounters to the picture or omit important objects in the area. These echoes vary, corresponding to the type of metal and thread used. The silver bell will add or omit people or creatures from the images, while the gold will remove or add inanimate objects. The bronze will add or remove plants and similar organisms from the images.

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