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The Slumbering Lands


The Slumbering Lands are the true basis for reality - belief and dreams. Everything else is just an echo of these things. The material world is merely an anchor for the Slumbering Lands.

The Slumbering Lands are also known as The Dreaming Place, the Akashic Plain, and The Grand Realm.

It is truly not a land, but a place in Transversal speak. It is a Near Celestial, Sub Astreal realm; sitting "somewhere" between the Material and the Greater Celestial Pole Realms in terms of Associative Vibration (as close to a location as one can get in this case, think of it more as a set of IP addresses). It is the "place" where dreams happen.

It is also a place that does not exist without its "lifeforms". However that needs some explanation.

Dreams are not just a process to work out subconcious issues or simple random expressions of neuron firing. Dreams are the process where the Sparks, the tiny fire of the Celestial that all true beings have, touch the Greater Mind. In that touch they release thoughts, ideals, and images that embolden and empower the existance of the Material and Greater Realms. It is upon these archetypes and ideals that reality itself is built. Without dreams, nothing else will continue to exist.

The usage of the term Geography in reference to the Slumbering Land is mostly incorrect.  This is a place of association, like a fey place. A landing study of such a place is oneirography but nobody knows that word.

Location, in the larger scale, is mostly a function of association: The Palace of love will be near the a place of lust or jelousy or field of love; by entering The City, one can exit to any city in any time or place by looking for a series of related neighborhoods to move through; a place associated with storms can only be reached from someplace that is having a storm. While most areas/places are based on emotions or themes, there are some actual "landmarks" here.  These are places of dreams themselves.
Note: Travel between places (rather than travel in a place) is mostly a function of will and perceived distance between the various concepts. Thus willpower or metaphysical rolls will be required to travel to a nearby point of association (either by ideal or by "tangible" waypoint. The speed of the tansfer will be based on the type of movement. A nearly made wayfaring roll will mean the travel has an "encounter" usually of the less than fun kind.

Locally, moving around a scene or place is a function of one’s form. Thus the appropriate form can fly, run, swim, etc around a give place. It is only when one travels between places that will power is required to move.

Landmarks : These are notable locations found in the Slumbering Lands. See the Scroll Listings Here.

The most important lifeforms here are ones that are not native to the place, but only visit for a time. Sparks are "concentrations" of Celestial Energies. They go by many names: Ka, Souls, Astreal forms, Dreamselves, and many others. No matter the name, Sparks migrate between the Celestial and the Material Realms. Most do not touch the Celestial, so they spend their times in this "place". This "tidal flow" of sparks is what empowers all life and the ‘Verse itself.

As they reach for their highest expression, they release images, feelings, and ideals in the forms of energy and pattern. It is their motion and release that provides power and form to the Slumbering Land (and other Dreaming Realms). That power radiates from the Dreaming Realms (The True Collective Slumbering Realms) and is absorbed into all the other planes and realms, helping to create and maintain their forms and "reality". Sparks are called Dayling by the native forms here.

The native lifeforms of this land are Dreamlings and Mareling. (Scholars use the term Dreamling for the entire species, as Dreamling outnumber Marelings nearly three to one). Dreamling are simple "echos" of Sparks in the Slumbering Land: "dream" energy responding to the released spark energy reforming in a sparklike matrix "colored" by the associated images, feelings, and ideals. In more simple terms, they things made by dreams of The Sparks that have taken on a life of their own. The Dreamling’s form and personality is based on the image/ ideal/ feeling that first spawned it. This is the core of its being and creates its resting form, its mind, and any empowerments it might have. A Dreamling’s base "physical" form is quite varied. (Shape changing is a skill that all Dreamlings can easily learn). However, their form is based on the image/ ideal/ feeling that spawned them.

A Dreamlings form has all the "expected" abilities of the apparent material form, as the dream view of the material world determines the Slumbering Land’s "physical" laws. A winged creature can fly (and how well or as fast is determined by "logic" of its wings). Even magic is possible, if it matches its expected form and fits dream logic. A superhero can fly without wings and various carpets can allow beings to fly because they fit the local logic.

Any "magics" a dreamling can perform must be based on their core ideal. So a Dreamling with the Core of Wolves, can change into a werewolf form (from its wolf form), talk to all wolves and dogs, and even summon up dream wolves, and other things related to its core special effect. It can also do wolflike things and will have wolf like skills (hunting, tracking, woodcraft, singing (howling) and so on.

They all have the ability to effect the Slumbering Realm around them. Most can only effect themselves or create small objects right at hand. More powerful Dreamlings can create structures or even create "patches" of their own personal areas. It all depends on their personal power.

All Dreamlings of the Slumbering Realm are intelligent, but some pretend not to be because of their patterns. So just because it looks like a snake or a dog or a warfle, expect it to be intelligent and able to communicate.

The pattern associated with their matrix determines their empowerment. Everytime a dream includes something that matches their pattern (be it "Dog", "Romance", "Sky", "Chicago", or "Fast Car") the Dreamling recieves energy, "feeds" in the material realm terms. (Do note that the pattern for a given dayling can be quite specific.) This is why most non guilded dreamlings try to get Daylings to "dream" of things and feelings that fit their pattern.

Note: Most guilded Dreamlings tend to be those of a specific person (historical or other). They have a great deal of reality without having a strong power base, thus tend to drift into the Guilds (adapting power from that pattern).

Dreamings use energy to empower themselves, their abilities, and effect the Slumbering Realm itself. Those Dreamling that have garnered enough energy can define their own region (size determined by strength). In these regions sparks having those types of dreams will occur. Since energy equates to social power here, gathering power is important.

Most power is gained from Dreamers (Daylings) via the Dreamling’s Pattern. The greater the pattern (more more common or important the pattern), the more people who dream of it, and the more energy that Dreamling receives. They receive a steady flow from dreams. If they go out and actively take in dream energy, they gain more. But there are more ways to increase this.

Feeding: By simply spending time "taking in energy" they can gather more than ambiently absorbed. Some appear to meditate, while others "eat" (symbolically intaking energy).

Cultivating: If one goes out and cultivates dreams more energy is received. "Working the bubble fields" in the plains in the right area will increase the power gained. Some stroll around the fields, others clean up, others have hoes and pretend to farm, while other croon over bubbles. The presence of a Dreamling will increase the chance of dreams of their pattern. Usually the Dreamling works the "appropriate section" of the Plains, but territories are often all staked out, so many Dreamlings waunder in other areas. So a Dog Pattern Dreamling could be cultivating in the Fields of Love. The Daylings would have dreams that would include dogs somehow (granting more power to the Dreamling). Sometimes they might get energy from Puppy love and such, but they gain more power than any Dreamling with a similar pattern who is not cultivating.

Trading: Favors, Actions, and Crafted items are traded for Dream Energy. Thus a successful crafter can be much more powerful than their pattern would suggest. A Dreamling who serves another (usually a personal pattern) gains energy from their "master".  Those that gather Wyrdwood for staves and items are reimbursed for this products.

"Color": While this is normally the providence of Marelings, strong emotions associated with a pattern increase the amount of energy produced by a Dayling. 

Rituals/ Storing/ Self Sacrifice: There are processes that are long and arduous that various Dreamlings participate in to gather more energy. Most of these processes do not seem to work, or return less than expected. However, many Drealmlings continue to use them.

Now that Dreamlings have been defined, it is time to discussed the difference between Dreamling and Marelings. 

Marelings gain energy in additional ways. They gain extra energy through the production of intense emotion. The dominent one is Fear (to the point of Terror). These fear Marelings usually have a pattern that associates with fear (Spiders, Torture, War, Monsters, Floating Eyeballs, hairy spiders), but not always. So the Marelings of fear will often band together to cause more and more intense experiences in their dreamers. Even if the Dayling does not release their pattern, they will have fear.

Note: Pain (and various types of) and Death are flavorings to a Dreamling’s feedings. Some like them, others do not. It seems to be an acquired taste.

There are Marelings of Love and Anger and Curiosity as well, though they are a tiny fraction of the Marelings. In fact, most Dreamling don’t consider these Marelings as Marelings, since they don’t deal with fear and terror. The common definition, used by Dreamlings is, only those that are vassels of the Nightmare King, are Marelings. (And remember, Love can be a terrible thing as well as a wonderful one, so there are Love Marelings in the Nightmare King’s domain. 

Social Structures
All structures here are heirarchical based upon the innate power (as measured in their ability to control dreams and the dream realm). The most powerful Dreamling is in charge, and others follow the pecking order from there. If several of the Dreamlings are of similar power, they might jockey with each other for position in the order of things.

A quick thumbnail sketch of the social structure.

- Dream Lord: Pattern of Dreams - all dreaming feeds him.

- Nightmare King: Pattern of Nightmares, equal to the Dream Lord due to coloring of his power.

- The Abstracts: These are the largest abstracts/ archetypes (Wall, Animal, Plant, etc) and Large Scale Emotions (Love/ Hate/ Fear/ etc)

- Outsiders: These are the various creatures who are not Dreamlings, but are still innate to the Slumbering Lands. The Dream Thief, The Dream Dancer, and The Phantasm are the most noted.

- Guild Masters: Those in charge of the four Greater Guilds.

- Goblin King: He is the most powerful master of a region. The Goblins and the Mythics of his realm are and are not part of the Dreaming. They have seperate reality all their own, yet they are made of dream stuff for the most part. The Goblin King, and many of the mythic, have abilities beyond the normal of a realm master.

- Realm Master Greater : The Dreamling does not fit any of the above categories, but has a noteworthy region of control.

- Guildsmen Senior: These are the few guildsmen of great experience or greater position.

- Realm Master Lesser: Those who control a region of the Slumbering Realm, but not a great one.

- Guildsmen Active: Members of a guild.

- Dreamlings/ Guild novices: Those who have small patterns that are very specific or exist inside a lesser realm.

Guilds are organizations of Dreamlings who do other things than support their own "feeding supply". These are normally populated by reality bound Dreamlings, those who are a specific person (historical or not). These beings tend not to be bound by their feeding range, but have strength just from existing. However, they are not as innately strong as other Dreamlings. However, they gain strength by being tied to the pattern of their guild.

Being free from the grind of building energy and feedings, they were free to deal with various other nitches of the Dreamling society. Indeed they gain energy in trade for their services. By building an organization here, they have gained an avenue of power that helps them rival other Dreamlings.  There are five guilds of note:


: Dreamweavers are guides. They help shephard Dayling sparks to their proper associations. Most of the time this happens quite automatically. Dreamweavers catch the occasional stray dreamer, and take them where they are supposed to be. They also help even out where sparks arrive. This keeps the "playing field" fairer.

For Authentic Strolenites, Dreamweaver Cassiopia is of this guild. And is almost an Epic being.  


: While tide of sparks occurs naturally, sometimes it needs some help. Also the tides occasionally allow other things in. Thus the Sandmen are here to correct any probelms with sleep and keep the sparks flowing to and from. They are also masters of barriers between the realms.


: Messengers and delivery people. They are neutral in all things and can not be touched. Despite the name, they all do not have wings. They do all have some mode of superior movement.

The River Guides

: This guild plys the waters of the Great River of Time and all its tributaries and deltas. They act as ferrymen for those traveling the river. They can be lifeguards for the unwary. They are also keepers of the secrets. For they know things, things often "best unknown", of the past, pasts possible, and future possibles. Thus if you want to know the future, the true diviners of the Slumbering Realm are the Guides.


: These are the artists. They do all the design for dream things. One does not make things, in the conventional sense, as all things are just manifestations of a dreamer’s power. Sometimes a person will hire a sunset to run their art for the momenent.

Note: Things
Everything here is the product of someone’s dream imagination. Thus material things, as we Daylings know them, are just phantasms. Most things are created in the hand of a Dreamling and fade when they have no use for it. Regions and things of note in a region are slightly more permanent, but they too can change from their view.

Now things of magic or special powers, they must be made or found… effort must be given to them in exchange for their power.

Note: Why is it called the Slumbering Realm
This is where Sparks go that can not reach a Celestial Pole. It is for those sparks that are sleepers, unaware of their true Celestial nature.

Personas Dramatica - List of the Epic
These are the important beings in the Slumbering Realm. Ideally, they will all be submissions some day. Yes, yet another of MoonHunter’s huge sprawling submission sets.

The Dream Lord
This is the manifestation of Dream, the being that nearly is "The Slumbering Lands". He could be considered the ruler here, but by his own words, no one can control a dream, only guide it.  He is effectively the ruler of all Dreamlings, except those that follow the rebelleous Nightmare King. Even though the Nighmare King considers himself rebelleous and in charge of his own realm, he is really seen as just "a inconvient noble" by the Dream Lord.

Consider him a relatively benevolent ruler, who guides with gentle hand (but is unafraid to make it into a fist). His understanding of reality and dreaming makes him appear quite cosmic. And since the past, present, and future, are all happening simultaneously for him, he has a wisdom and understanding beyond most other entities.

The Nightmare King
This Mareling is the manfestation of Nightmares. Given the color of the energy gathered by marelings, this "abstract" has power enough to truly challange the Dream Lord.

He is tyrant, who wishes to rule with an iron hand. Through fear he guides his minions. He plots against the Dream Lord, looking for the day he can some day take over the Slumbering Realm and inflict his will on all of creation.

Dream Thief  One of the Outsiders
He is a mortal man who has abilities related to dreams. (He can enter any mortal’s dreams, raid their mind, teleport out of their sleeping minds, and soemtimes bring dreamlings with him). Often he will obtain these powers through the hand of fate, stealing/ receiving a relic or something that anchored the powers of a previous Dream Thief. He is normally a selfish, self absorbed sort, who utilizes his own power to increase his own powers and extend his life. In fact, he utilizes mareling tactics often to enhance his own powers.

He, more so than any of the various Outsiders, is the weight that often unbalances the equilibrium between The Nightmare King and the Dream Lord.

It is interesting that he will often betray or switch sides as one of the two powers obtains "the upper hands", usually because The Dream Thief often feels he is not "getting his reward", "receiving his payment" or just "fears for his continued existance".

Dream Dancer  One of the Outsiders
The First Dream Dancer loved Dancing so much, she danced and dance her life away. In the process she moved out of the day realm and into the mythic via her dreams. One female child, descended from her lingage, each generation, becomes heir to her dance and access to the dream. This child has a love of the dance and joy in the freedom of dreams… and normally wishes to share those gifts with all. While nominally a vassel and ally of the Dream Lord, she is free to chart her own course.

The Dancers powers are limitedly the same as the Dream Thiefs, though they tend towards being equal in strength in both the Slumbering and Day lands (while the Thief has more power in the Slumbering Realm).

The Dancer and the Thief seem to be tangled in the skiens of fate. They have been lovers and bitter enemies (and sometimes both at the same time) since those earliest days. She will often thwart The Thief or entice him to abandon one side or another. She will often assist those, lost to The Dream or in peril through dreams or the mythic.

The Guardians - Staff and Sword
These two protect and defend the "mortal realm"/ "day realm" from The Mythics that would terrorize the morals. Their main opponent is The Goblin King who seems eternally frustrated by his fate.  The Great Binding of the Mythics occured in the European Middle Ages. Thus humanity was protected from "excesses" of The Mythics by the two guardians who bound them: a Christian Knight and a Celtic/Pagan Wisewoman. Since then those of their blood have protected humanity from the Mythics who passed through the cracked paths (cracks in the binding occur naturally, and they make pathways to the mortal realms).  There is always a warrior, one who styles himself a knight, and a wizardess.

In the late 20th/ early 21st century, Humanity was protected by some the most powerful, but most flakey Guardians in the history: Kyrie and Guardian.

Goblin King
Though Goblins (in all their various types) are ugly or cute in their squat ugliness, the Goblin King himself is inhumanly beautiful. Women swoon for him. He rules over the largest of the Mythic landscapes. The Goblin realms are as tweaked as the Goblinoids that live there, but still as fantastical as any fairy realm.

His people, allied with the Unseelie, attempted to seize control of The Mortal Realm and use its power to expand their own. This led to the last of the Great Bindings. Still his ambitions remain. He wants to return The Mythics to the world and to rule it instead of living in its shadows. He oftens allies with the Nightmare King, some other Dreamling, or even some other extradimensonal being, who wants to extend their power into the Daytime Realm.

The Phantasm  (Considered an Outsider, but really is not)
The Phantasm is a dreamling that is bound of a mortal. When that mortal sleeps, the Phantasm is free to roam both realms.  Usually the Phantasm is anchored to someone with narcolepsy or in a coma. The reason for this is power.
Anchored thusly, The Phantasm has access to a source of power other than those of the Dreamlings/ Marelings. In addition, The Phantasm is able to freely waunder the worlds outside the Slumbering Lands. The Phantasm is the final protector of the Slumbering Lands, able to operate in both realms (though limited in the Day Realm) and work to make sure that Dreams and the Slumbering Lands endure.

Other subs to do
Scroll of Lordlings
Scroll of Nightmare Lordlings
Goblins (Of the Slumbering Realm)
Oneirograph: A book of dreams.


For the Scrolls

Oneiropolis aka The DreamCity or Dreamopolis
associations: near the Great Plains of Dream, Near the Grand Castle, Near the Dream Dancer’s Keep.
>Halls of the Dreamweavers
>Halls of the Sand Men

Tower of the Dream Thief
associations: Middling distance from The Grand Castle or Dark Castle.

Tower of the Dream Dancer
associations: In the Clouds of the Great Plains of Dreams. Near the Sunset. Not too far from dream-opolis
... cloud tower Abandoned

Minor Plain of Dreams
This is much like the greater plains, but everyone here is not in their own little bubble. Here dream elements just errupt into the open space. Places exist for a time, then go away. Things come into existance then fade just as fast.The Daylings waunder about encountering things others (or they) have created. It is the place of more chaotic and random dreams. It is a place of creativity and oddness.
Sandman’s Bridge:

This leads to other Greater and Lesser Planes for other Spheres. There are duplicates of DreamLord and NightMare King, echos really, there. They run over the echos (which are much like ours) of the Marelings and Dreamlings.

Labrynth of the Goblin King
associations: The Minor Plains of Dreams

Plain of the Mythic
associations: The labrynth of the Goblin Kings, not too far from the Minor Plains of dreams, near the Tower of the Dream Thief.

Additional Ideas (4)

Grand Castle of Dreams
Associations: High Plateu overlooking the Greater Plains of Dream, Dreamopolis, far from The Dark Castle.

From the High Plateu, the Dream Lord watches over his domain. The Grand Castle is part High Gothic Fairytale Castle, part Art Deco, and some other style that seems soooo familiar, but you can never quite place. Like so many things in the Slumber Realm, it is always shifting or changing, depending on who is viewing it or the mood of the owner. No matter the view, certain truths hold true. There is always a low wall around it, before one reaches the Castle and the Castle Wall proper. There are always seven towers, each one a core/ chakra color in accent or pastel hue. The Red Tower always has a window that faces into the large central courtyard. There are many windows high up on the walls. They are stained glass. Each showing something significant to a viewer.

If you look long enough, you will find all the classic European castle features. It is softly illuminated by magic light. This makes the castle quite a site at night.

The Grand Castle looks good sized on the outside, and is infinitely large on the inside. The halls are labryntine. Again, travel here is much like any far travel in the Slumber Land, an act of will illustrated by form. (Normally near travel is a function of form and actual movement.) In these well appointed hallways, those that are important to the Slumber Realm slide along the halls, courting favors with each other and with the Dream Lord. The Court is a "neutral ground" where neither party has a negociating or physical edge.

There are a huge number of servant or guards in their gold and silver livery. They serve all who are in the castle, and act as the conduit for anything someone might create. There always seems to be a Winged One, ready to move a message along to someone, hovering just outside the room.

2008-06-13 01:21 AM » Link: [2857#65800|text]
Dark Castle of NightMare
Associations: Far from Dreamopolis and Grand Castle, Dark/ Night, Storms, a small distance from the Greater Plain, a small distance from the Plain of Myth and Labrynth of the Goblin King

Sitting upon an opposing crag, surrounded by a blasted landscape, is The Dark Castle of the NightMare (King). Dim lights and horrid screams spill out of the castle into the ever present twilight night. There innumerable towers, thick walls, bloodsoaked flagstones, and a shifting funhouse maze of corridors here. The Castle looks small on the outside as castles go. It is, of course, infinitely large on the inside. The halls are labryntine and will actually move as you watch (which is unusual for the sleeping realm). Again, travel here is much like any far travel in the Slumber Land, an act of will illustrated by form. (Normally near travel is a function of form and actual movement.) Monsterous creatures of The Nightmare King and his higher mareling minion haunted (literally) the halls and hallways of the dark stone keep. Here they plot and scheme and dream of dethroning the Dream Lord.

The Nightmarelords's Chamberlain, Smyth, is an Sly and Evil being, patterned off an English Butler. He is one of many who have that pattern. Unlike the others, he has become a mareling of great power. His pattern is "betrayal of your lord" (thus dreaming of taking his place). This includes dreams/ beliefs of dethroning the Dream King. While he naturally gains power from the archetype of the Butler. He unnaturally gains powers from the feelings and energies expended by marelings in their scheming. The exact mechanism of how he is absorbing this energy from Marelings is unknown (it could be a magic ritual, a demon totem, or something else entirely), but he has secretly become more powerful than many Lordlings. Living in the scheme central, he cultivates the various Mareling Lords like lesser Marelings and Dreamlings tend bubbles in the field.

2008-07-09 05:47 PM » Link: [2857#66233|text]
The Greater Plains of Dreams aka Bubbles Plain
Associations: Middling distance from everywhere important.

This is the largest "place" in all The Slumber Lands. In fact, all of the Slumbering Lands revolves around it. From the twilightish sky, Sparks in bubbles float down. Most come on their own, others escorted or herded by DreamWeavers.

Each Spark, not in a specific realm or domain, floats freely down onto the dream plain. Each dream bubble is a pocket of reality where the dream is played out. If one enters the bubble, one enter's the dreamer's dream, which is as real as real can be to Dreamlings and Marelings.

Bubbles with "associations" will fall near each other, in a patch. Thus all the bubbles with car dream will be near each other, the bubbles with love dreams will be near each other, and given the dream geography, bubbles with dreams and cars will be between the two places.

It should be noted that if a dream bubble floats a bit off course and find itself near bubbles of other associations (or is on the outskirts of a patch) might have random bits from the bubbles around it float into its dream.

If an association or ideal is popular enough it may have more than one patch. Each patch will usually have one or more dreamling of that association or a related one (A Hot Girl dreamling often hangs out in a Hot Car or Car patch for example). A dreamling gains more energy by being near these bubbles, thus working to "feed" or "empower" themselves.

A dreamling might "work a patch" adding its pattern or ideal to any dream. Thus a "Red" pattern dreamling working a Car Patch would make sure the cars were red, the sunset was appropriately red, and any hot girl was wearing red.

Most dreamlings work together to make the dreams support everyone. However, conflict can occur when dreamlings get selfish or don't want to spoil a given dream.

If a given patch becomes large and a specific dreamling holds that patter, their patch moves to the areas around the edges of Greater Plains. These become their own places, such as the city of love, the dark forest, the racetrack of thunder, surf city, and so on. Each has their own minor location associations. These parts are still "technically" part of the Greater Plain, but can be considered different.

In the last few decades, there has been a change in the eternal way of things. They call themselves Shepards. They are dreamlings who do not have their own places or a guild. They simply watch over the bubbles of their self appointed areas on the plains. Most of the dreamers in their areas will have like dreams appropriate to their shepard, which may cause some grief for those who were counting on their energies based on their original patterns.

The Fountain
Association The Very Middle of the Greater Plain
This is a beautiful white marble fountain, full of bluer than blue water, which splashes down from the fountain bowl into a benched pool. It is always a calm place. In fact, it takes a great act of will to be anything but calm here.

2008-07-09 07:23 PM » Link: [2857#66237|text]
River of Time
Associations: On the Great Plains of Dreams, Near Dreamopolis. The Land of Hope is downstream. The Land of Regret is upstream.

The river of time is a broad river. It is serene, calm, and slow moving, but relentless. Every rocky outcropping in the river is worn down. Things along the banks tend to age and decay. For such a strong river, there are always tributaries branching out from and returning back to the river proper. Waters are often mist shrouded.

As one travels upstream things have the look of the "young history" as the Dreamlings put it. If one wishes to find dreams of the Roman Empire, or Victorian England, or Cave Men or Dinosaurs, simply travelling upstream will bring you along an appropriate patch.

Travelling downstream things have the look of "old history", things of the future. Here you can find anything from dystopias, to Star Trek's San Francisco, to Buck Rogers stuff - Any Future Past that has been dreamed has a patch that can be reached by traveling downstream... possibly even off into a tributary.

Alternate history dream, of course can be found in the tributaries and deltas of the River of Time. If you travel far enough on these waterways, you can find yourself going under The Sandman's Bridge. At that point you are no longer in "your dreaming realm", you are in another one... that is an echo of your own. Those echos can be dangerous, as they are just familiar enough to lure travelers into a false sense of security, and just different enough to be sharp hazards known to destroy the unwary.

In the mysts, if one is careful or has a River Guide Guildsman, one can catch images of the Dayling's world at some point in the past, present, or future.

The Source
Few have travelled all the way to The Source of the River. The trip is long and hard. As one travels farther and farther upstream, the way become rockier.. harder.. rougher... with white water. The reason for these changes is that there were fewer and fewer dreamers on the dayling world at those corresponding times. Few have traveled along those waters, fewer - if any - have returned.

The Mythic source of the River of Time is said to be a massive waterfall. The Source Wall so to speak, is called the Cliff of Time. This cliff travels all the way into the sky, so far up that the top can not be seen. It is said that its' top defines the concept of high. The waterfall is a torrent flying off the cloud shrouded cliff - a massive firehose of water cascading down. It falls hard enough that most things, just die, under the spray. In actuality, it simply ages things to death, even deathless immortal things. There is a large crater pool in which one can always see the reflection of the sun, the first living thing in the solar system and the first dreamer.

The water flows into the crater pool and flows downstream, seemingly gaining more water and speed along the way.

The Delta
There is no "end of time", so The Delta Proper in the farther old history just seems to go on forever. It branches, merges, flow, and rolls, along the path of time. Sometimes it dead ends, where a world ends, but there are always other branches and wateways to ply into the future.

It is said that most of the River Guide's guild come from The Delta Proper to the present. The Guides are quiet on the subject.

2008-07-24 03:19 AM » Link: [2857#66439|text]
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December 26, 2006, 0:13
Interesting concept. I'd like to see it fleshed out.
June 8, 2007, 14:20
Updated: Updated for a ton of content
June 3, 2008, 18:11
Updated: Updated the Cast of Characters, now on to the Places.
July 9, 2008, 19:24
Three places done and some updating on other things.


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