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North American Congressional Army (NACA -NAY-SAY): In my old life I was a student of history and I always thought it ironic that one group would want to over throw a king just to put another king on the throne. I wanted to say to these fools that the problem likely lied in the idea of absolute sovereign. And by putting a king on a throne you are giving your defacto support for the idea of a king. By my logic, if you believe in royalty as an institution,than you shouldn't try and over throw it.

The NACA defined itself as an alliance of 19 local revolutionary cells from around the continent. The rank and file membership were mostly young people, almost all had some mystical or magical ability and most importantly they were unaffiliated with any corporate machine. Their stated agenda was to remove the corporate interests from government and elevate the people's government. The believed that most powerful force in the land should a democratically elected government and not a profitable corporation, and they thought that they could achieve this goal by displacing the government that they considered beholden to private interests. One unfortunate slogan was: It is wrong to have wealth without social responsibility. Another more popular slogan, though less politically informative, was: Natural Power Preserves a Natural Order. To this end the NACA entered into a para-military campaign referred as the Boxer Rebellion Remake. The relative success of this campaign and its reliance on emergent metaphysical skill sets is what seperates the NACA from other anti-corporate groups of its time.

Untitled2.pngThe NACA wanted to overthrow the government in order completely to restore it. In my opinion the absurdity of that goal is why they fell apart. In the field they were a crack unit. They over powered trained and well-equipped troops with absurd 'mystical weapons' and glamour spells. It was no surprise when in 2028 they took over government buildings in Seattle WA, Washington DC, Indianapolis IN, and besieged Norfolk VA. However, the world responded with a clear and definite shrug of indifference. The NACA really didn't know what to do, because the corps didn't get involved. Did the Corps really care if there was a government at this point, as long service their contracts were honored? And the NACA purposely didn't demand a change in government services (almost all government services were outsourced by this point). They thought they would fight the government contract battle after they got a corp free government, a government for the people.

By the time the Boxer Rebellion Remake of 2028 (BRR) was underway, the media labeled the NACA as a bunch of street gangs and listless youth that only purported to be defenders of democracy as a ruse to hidethere true motivation. Almost all media analysts said the group was really up in arms because they didn't want to give up government benefits or work for corporate influences. And while the NACA was a youth movement, it wasn't a grass roots movement. The NACA was founded by a group of 19 dissatisfied academics with the intent of bringing about a violent reform of the government. There were 19 founding members of the movement, all PhDs, all middle class, all working in government funded jobs and all practitioners of the magical arts. The founders all left their jobs and went into depressed urban areas to convert unemployed kids to their political ideology. Their manifesto had two stated goals. 1) To disseminate information about the exploitation and utilization of mystical powers before this newfound resource could be monopolized by the corporations. 2) To save democracy from corporate influences. The problem was, and they were well aware of this, was the government was in bed with the corporations. It was impossible to tease out were one started and the other ended. Thus the only way forward the NACA saw was to over throw the current government and install a new anti-corp government.


For those of you that don't remember, the revolt of 2028 was called the Boxer Rebellion cause most of the rebels didn't use convential weapons. They called it the remake...cause well visit a money-worth knowy site if you be that ignorant ---slick98


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The NACA and its BRR were too late. By 2028, most of the people worked for the corps and those that didn't were so disenfranchised that they didn't give a shit. There was no one for the NACA to negotiate with except the government they wanted to overthrow. The government agreed to make some changes and pass a resolution supporting the high corporate court. But nothing really happened, the 19 got amnesty, but not too surprisingly they were all either killed or arrested for other charges in the months following the BRR. Less than a year after the dramatic seizure of government facilities the NACA was disbanded. Some of its wings, such as Project Hope, The Green Mountain Boys and the United Workers Front went down swinging, but in they end the government was only weaker.


The legacy of the BRR and NACA was not a curbing of corporate power, but the wave of mystically trained youth without any corporate attachments suddenly on the streets. This could have been a potential threat for the corps, but in the end most of the NACA vets ended up working for the corps freelance.


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