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August 26, 2006, 2:19 pm

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The MuroMax Codex


The compiled works of MuroMax, the collaborative entity of Murometz and Scrasamax, the Mythmaker and the Mechanic.

As suggested some time ago by MoonHunter, this Codex will be the repository of all works that have been crafted as a collaborative work between Murometz and myself, Scrasamax.
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30 Beers By: Murometz ( Articles ) Campaign - Gaming - In General

Food of the gods.

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30 Rods and Staves By: Murometz ( Items ) Wand/Staff/ Arcane - Magical

...and walking sticks, and crosiers, and goads, and scepters, but no wands!

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30 Ships By: Murometz ( Items ) Transports - Non-Magical

30 unique ships, for those times when you need one on the fly. The class or type of each ship is provided. Included are three odd ones from the pages of history.

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Cloister of the Empty Table By: Murometz ( Society/ Organizations ) Mystical - Area

Come ye who HUNGER!

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Falhathian Minotaurs By: Scrasamax ( Society/ Organizations ) Ethnic/Cultural - Area

“Listen to the Wind! Listen to Crackling Fire! Listen to the Groan of the Mountain!  Listen to my Voice! Listen and you will See through the Smoke! See the Old Ways of our Forefathers! See the Glory of our Clan! See the Might of our Race!”
  —Horn-Of-Plenty, Shaman of the Thorondrim Minotaurs, leading his people in the Khuugrad

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Flight of the Pegasus By: Scrasamax ( Plots ) Crisis - Campaign

A dangerous romp across the Soviet Union in a race to rescue the eccentric Dr. Pegasus before he can complete his secret design.

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Powlgraff By: Murometz ( Locations ) City - Plains

Powlgraff, The Fowl City.

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Society of the White Azalea By: Scrasamax ( Society/ Organizations ) Natural - Area

None left upon the Mountain, my brothers in arms.

Motto of the Society of the White Azalea

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The Black Market By: Murometz ( Locations ) Area - Any

What thieves convention can be complete without the ubiquitous Black Market! The specifics can obviously be as varied as one’s imagination. In fact, please consider this as the scroll it’s intended to be. The more stalls and booths the merrier!! Scras and I would like to see forty or so by next years convention. These are just twelve random ones we came up with. Some are quite standard, while others slightly more unorthodox. Maggot, your ‘thief bugs’ & their insidious proprietor go here.

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Thick As Thieves By: Murometz ( Plots ) Event - Single-Storyline

Once a year, and each year in a different place, the wandering bazaar and social gala that is the Thieves Convention is held. Invitations Only!

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Vandergraff By: Scrasamax ( Locations ) City - Other

Milord I do present a uniquely industrious city located on the periphery of the Sea of Grass and the bawn of the Ganhojol Forest.

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Ye Olde English, the Archaic Word Challenge By: Murometz ( Articles ) Resource - Gaming - In General

Forsooth!! (whatever the hell that means)

Ever since I bought a copy of Jeffrey Kacirk’s Forgotten Words tome, I have become somewhat obsessed with, well…forgotten words. As you read these bizarre, often-silly, and sometimes downright sensible words, phrases and their meanings, you may discover what I did. It seemed that almost every term I came across, instilled some sort of fantasy rpg idea in my head.

I propose a challenge for all word-lovers! Pick any one and do a submission featuring and inspired by said word. Simple enough right? I tried to pick some of the jucier ones.

This can be added to in three ways. Firstly as mentioned, as an entire submission based on one word or phrase. Secondly, more funky archaic terms can be added alphabetically as scrolls, and thirdly, just by using a word or two in future submissions.

If nothing else, these words can be used to pleasantly pepper one’s writing!

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Comments ( 5 )
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August 26, 2006, 3:26
Moved from the in work section as per cleaning out of said section. Really I have no idea why I left this in the In Work section.
Voted MoonHunter
August 26, 2006, 13:43
Since it was my idea for you all to have a codex of your combined work, it is only fair that I vote well and comment on it.
Voted valadaar
August 28, 2006, 8:28
Only voted
August 31, 2006, 5:06
You two guys are very dangerous when together. Thumbs up!
Voted Cheka Man
June 17, 2007, 18:14
I like this.

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Swords form a bond to their wielder. A symbol on the grip that is absorbed through the user's hand and appears on the back of the hand. Maybe only visible to them or others that have the abilities. Could give unique powers depending on when it happened and what they did to get it. It takes a specially made sword that only few can receive and made by a certain race. Then they must do something really heroic to unleash the swords power. Once unleashed it is theirs till they die then the sword goes dormant again till another accomplishes another feat.

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