This is the city district that has The Field, called The Mound by the Locals. (See Link Bellow)

This district was originally outside the Old City Wall, but will be well within the new city wall, when it is complete. The Field's Mound is one of the tallest structures in the city (four stories), so it is visible from almost every part of the city. The district was actually built up around the mound.

The district has a larger road passing through it, not far from the Mound. It has four inns within shouting distance of the Mound, and three more in its boundries. These cater to people coming to and from the Field (some teams and actors travel upto a week for The Game), as well as general travellers.

The Distract has the new theater. This structure is built along the lines of the famous Globe Theatre. Since it holds fewer people and can have plays at night, it does not compete with The Field.

In the district, there are a couple of taverns, one brewery (two of the taverns are tied houses), a bakery (specializing in sweets), a weaver shop (who makes blankets and flags), and a blacksmith/ farrier (for tourney day shoing).

The homes and businesses of the district will often fly penants on event days, adding to the colorful feel. The flags will express what is 'playing' that day at The Mound. Sometimes it will be team colors (usually based on the flags of their city or region) or the heraldy of famous jousters.

The Family that runs The Field, built up most of the houses in the district and rent them out. They can make their tennants fly the flags. Everyone else does it because it is good for business, their landlords make them do it, and to fit in.

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