This archaic mace was once part of the ceremonial regalia of the High Priest of Uep-Hawet, ruler of the ancient Sallvian city of Sisral. An ancient weapon of gleaming bronze, its head has been shaped to resemble the stylized head of a jackal, with its solid shaft covered in sinister pictoglyphs of gleaming onyx and lapis.

These ancient markings, dark incantations invoking the power of the Jackal God, Uep-Hawet, can be dated to the XIV Dynasty of the Ancient Sallvian Empire. The symbol of the High Priest's authority, this impressive weapon once commanded instant respect from legions of Uep-Hawet's horrifying servants.

City of the Jackal God
A place of dire reputation, ancient Sisral's dark priests often opposed the Sallvian Pharaohs, yet few of those ancient monarchs were willing to risk bringing the recalcitrant city to heel, for the infamy of their horrifying Ahan Sabn, the 'Jackal Warriors', was such that few soldiers were willing to risk battle against them. The city remained, a cancer of foul worship, enduring unconquered through several dynastic changes. By the XXII Dynasty, the dark priests were virtual kingmakers, dictating terms to all the neighboring lands. The corrupt XXII dynasty fell after a series of raids led by foreign adventurers from across the Warm Sea, with the vile city that had supported it overthrown soon afterward.

Weapon of the Jackal Priests
Believed lost when Sisral was destroyed, this ominous weapon has reappeared several times since, often in the hands of sinister cult figures. Although few can now decipher the dire portents of its inlaid pictoglyphs, the mace appears to be as solid and undamaged as when it was first cast within the workshops of ancient Sisral.

A potent tool of destruction, the weighty weapon's enchantments allow its wielder to strike foes with powerful crushing blows, long after fatigue should have weakened his strikes. While the tales of the Jackal Cult describe the mace as bearing deadly magical power to smite those who stand against its wielder, such might seems to be a mere legend.

A more obvious effect of the weapon is its infamy among the remaining servants of Uep-Hawet: The ghoulish and human members of this dark cult recognize the weapon and bow to its possessor's authority. It is said that one who takes possession of the Mace of Sisral will soon be struck by the Ghulscorch Ague, but it is unclear whether this is a property of the weapon or results from the schemes of the cultists, who are determined that only one of their foul sect shall possess the dreaded mace.

Several copies of this legendary weapon exist, crafted since the fall of Sisral. Carried as symbols of authority for the leaders of Uep-Hawet's secretive cult, these weapons are not believed to bear any unusual enchantments. Although they appear similar to the original in most ways, one familiar with the ancient glyphs inlaid upon these weapons will observe that the symbols on each mace are subtly different: These lesser maces each bear marks describing the wearer's allegiance to the High Priest of the Jackal God.

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