The town of Shocan has some rather strange inhabitants. They're all undead. Well, sort of... ~Flashback a few centuries: A great necromancer(perhaps a Cancer Mage, if you like the Book of Vile Darkness) created an unholy disease. It infects the body of a corpse, ripping the soul back to the body and reanimating it in some undead form, anything from a zombie or skeleton to a wight or shadow. The disease causes no ill effect(directly), it simply places the person's soul back into their dead body, giving them back their total mental faculties, morals, ethics, beliefs, etc... without bringing their body back from the dead. ~Move back to present: A town of these infected corpses has sprung up, hidden within a swamp or forest or such, something to keep them away from living people, who would kill them out of principle. The party stumbles across them and, assuming they don't just slaughter the town outright, they discover that the town has something evil living within its church and they need the PC's to cleanse their place of worship. This provokes an interesting bit of roleplay... do the PC's help the undead, or do they kill them as unholy monstrosities...?

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