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Khor are a monsterous and violent race that go through stages in their life. There general appearance is that of a block built human. Their skin is dusky to grey, their hair is sparse and thin, only slightly darker than their skin. They faces are approximately human with large cheeks, small deep set eyes, and craggy brows (with long overgrown eyebrows), though their heads seem overlarge for their bodies (most of it bone). Their eyes range from a odd light shade of green to a green gold. Their teeth are seperate, top and bottom meshing together in most cases.

Squats: Within five years of being born, they grow to about half human size and are very, very inteligent. They are very quick, both mentally and physically, but physically weak. They are almost round in their appearance, short, compact, with shorter limbs.

As they get older, they get larger... unfortunately they become less intelligent.

Kops or Khor: After their adolecesence (about seven years), they grow to human size and are of a low human intelligence. It is at this level they breed more squats (who often try to run their Kops, but Kops just beat them down). Breeding is what they do, in their spare time. There is physically very little difference between male and female Khor, except for their reproductive parts. Note: The classic head shot is pointless against a Kop or larger Khor. Their skulls continue to grow thicker and thicker to protect their shrinking brains. In fact, larger Kops or Grunts often head butt each other for fun.

Grunts: As they age, they grow larger, slower, and stupider. Most of them end their lives 3 to 4 meters in height. They become less and less motivated to do things. They eat. They walk about their areas. They torture squats. They sleep. That is pretty much it. They are not very bright at large sizes, but tend to follow their Kops around.

Giants: Khor have been reported upto 10 meters tall, though those elder giant Khor do little but hit anything that disturbs them. Once disturbed they will chase down what disturbed them. If they bump into something they will attack that for a few moments... it may or may not placate them. Remember, as Khor age they get larger (and dumber), they don't seem to ever die of natural causes. But given the violent nature of their society, few get the opportunity to die of natural causes.

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