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September 12, 2012, 2:19 am

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The Hydro Club


Somewhere along the line, someone decided that a giant swimming pool would make a great place for a rave club

The Line: Entrance, and the Guardian

The Hydro Club isn't particularly hard to find, the hard part is getting in. The entire facility has been surrounded with a double fence, the outside is chain link with razor wire on the top. Not quite the stuff you would find outside of a prison, but the sort you would find outside a used car dealership in a disreputable neighborhood. The inside wall is cinder block, eight foot tall, gray on the outside, brightly painted on the inside. Scaling the fence isn't easy, but going over the wall isn't a horrific challenge. There are two access points, the rear employee's and truck entrance, and the front commercial entrance. The rear entrance is locked during business hours, as it is for the trucks and other vehicles that are used to maintain a large pool that is in all honesty, pretty gross.

The front entrance is the typical Club Entrance line, and the guardian is a Bouncer with a checklist, who usually can have 2-3 fellow bouncers to assist him if someone tries to gatecrash their way in. The Bouncer is typically not armed, but is instead a large burly main, chosen for his ability to intimidate line cutters and bullshitters. 

Getting In:

Streetwise/Bribery: my friend Benjamin Franklin say's I'm on the list

Subterfuge/Misdirection: I'm not on the list, obviously, because I'm here to fix the ice machine in the bar, or Tito forgot to add me, at the last moment and all. I was planning on being in Vegas but hey stuff happens.

Seduction/Innuendo: Big handsome man like you let a pretty girl like me and my friends in

Contacts: actually being on the list

The Cabana: Puzzle or Roleplaying Challenge

The Cabana is the main enclosed building of the Hydro Club and does triple duty as the storage facility for things people want to keep dry, changing rooms for bathing suits and regular clothes, and as the inside mingling area. If there NPCs to liaise with, this is going to be the best place, as the music while loud, isn't crushing. There is also a modicum of privacy to be found in one of the booths that form part of the room. Most of the guests in the Cabana are waiting to get into their bathing suits or are getting their first round of drinks (and pills). 

Encounters in the Cabana

Several drug suppliers and drug dealers making a deal over drinks.

Prostitutes and some high profile clients who are desperately trying to not be recognized slumming it

Fight breaks out between several drunk guys over the girl in the red bikini.

A fixer is looking for some muscle to pull a sleazy job

The Wading Pool: Trick or Setback

The largest section of the Hydro Club is the wading pool. Never more than three feet deep, the pool is very large. At least 200 people can 'mingle' in the water, carrying drinks and laughing and doing the sort of things young attractive people in clubs, or swimming pools would do. It's a crowded situation and a surge of panic can cause many people to get hurt, or killed. There is no cover, aside from driving under the small amount of water in case someone decides to be dumb and pull a gun (nevermind how they had a concealed firearm in a bathing suit)

The Pool has several points of interest. At the far end, closest to the rear of the facility, and the rear of the wading pool is the raised stage. The stage is large enough to host a modest sized band and their equipment, so that the club can have liver entertainment. Most of the time, this is an open stage where drunk hot girls can get up and gyrate while being hooted and shouted encouragement. The club was an excellent sound system, as well as LED light systems in the pool that change the color of the water, flicker in patterns, and make light shows in the water.

Encounters in the Wading Pool

Excedingly drunk girl mistakes a PC for an Ex, slapping or random make out session ensues

Uptight girl shouts that a PC groped her under the water

Local celebrity is present, paparazzi flitter around with cameras that they dont want to get wet

The Deep End: Climax, Big Battle, or Conflict

The Wading pool connects to a much deeper section of pool, deep enough for high diving. Indeed one of the visuals of the club is seeing some hot girl in a bikini, light by pulsing lights, diving into the water. The girl and the jump are visible from the roadway and club front, but the water is not. There is an anchored floating bar between the wading pool and diving pool, and this is where a steady supply of drinks comes from, as well as working as the central communications node of the club, connecting the activity in the water, the drink supply, and the club offices.There are generally anywhere from 3 to 6 bartenders working, it's cash only, and the bartenders are typically female. Female drink servers are a lot less likely to pour free drinks for drunk girls who flash their lady parts. 

There is a three tiered diving board tower, and a 'dive boss' who keeps the time between dives from getting too close. If he didn't keep the drunks from going up the ladder, they could be jumping and landing on top of each other. In addition to the dive boss there are several life guards/bouncers/first aid responders that work, and generally stay in this area. More than one drunk has jumped, hit the water, and passed out. 

Unlike the wading pool, the diving pool doesn't have LED and strobe lights in the bottom of it. It was decided that the last thing someone more than 12 feet underwater needed was a light stimulation that could cause them to become confused over which way is up. This area also has some seating areas, and a few other scenery doodads that can function as light cover in the case of a gunfight. 

Encounters in the Deep End

A VIP or NPC important to the PCs has an accident off of the high board

The PCs have to hustle or fast talk information out of the lady bartenders

There is a locally sponsored hot girl dive competition

A professional diver is impressing the ladies and is getting preferrential treatment

Jacuzzi Row: Reward, Revelation, or Plot Twist

Jacuzzi Row is the most posh and exclusive part of the Hydro Club, there are a dozen hot tubs that form an L shaped row that covers the back of the diving area and part of the rear line of the wading pool. The hot tubs are elevated, giving the people inside a view of the club, it's throngs of bathing suit clad patrons, and the stage, for when there is a show. The tubs are partitioned off from one another as well, have their own light and sound systems that can be turned on and off, and a fourth curtain that can be pulled for private parties. 

Jacuzzi Row is where more wealthy and influential people will mingle to enjoy the club without having to rub elbows with every spring break enthusiast in the tri county area. These people are also not always the muscular or nubile 20 somethings that frequent the main part of the pool, so are not as interested in shooting jaegerbombs in front of 200 other people.

Encounters in Jacuzzi Row

The local MDMA Kingpin is visiting, and carrying on a high level meeting at the row, no guns in the hot tub, right.

A senator or other ranking contact is present, but the two 20 year olds he is with are not his wife and daughter.

An assassin is trying to kill a VIP, the PCs have to protect him, but must do so with just their bare hands

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Comments ( 5 )
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October 13, 2012, 9:48
Update: Started as an image of the Wading Pool area, a shallow pool mixed with a techno rave club. This place would NEVER exist in a million years. I can imagine the insurance rates for a heavy alcohol use pool would be astronomical, plus an unending litany of litigation against sexual harassment, pool related injuries, slip and falls, etc would put such a place out of business in approximately 18 minutes. I still like the imagry, and in a underground or screw it anyway setting, this could be fun. It additionally presented the challenge of disarming the PCs and their adversaries. No guns, no concealments, no trenchcoats, no heavy weapons. It's what is waterproof and what can you carry in a bathing suit.

Voted Murometz
October 13, 2012, 14:00
I also like the imagery. Reads like one of those international uber-clubs in Ibiza. I like the twist that this was done as a 5-room dungeon as well. For the right game, this could provide a barrel of fun.
October 13, 2012, 21:05
I like how the five room dungeon plan can be used to break up a setting into usable segments.
Voted axlerowes
October 14, 2012, 9:59
A very nice location, well formatted and well presented. The encounter ideas do as much to paint an image of the place as the descriptions themselves. Nicely done, thank you.
Voted valadaar
October 15, 2012, 21:17
Its quite cool, and makes a great backdrop.



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