The Full Goblet is a modest-sized, working-class tavern (public house), run by Hilgar. Hilgar is a bit over the hill and shabby, as is the general establishment. However, good solid fare at a decent value, and a regular and noisy clientele, keep the place in business, and the bar is also well-situated to bring in travellers.

The Full Goblet's singlular claim to fame is its namesake, a magically-enhanced Pewter Goblet that automatically refills itself with wine. Hilgar will happily regale any travellers who ask (and also any who don't) with the tale:

'It was in me younger days - now, don't go there! - when I was an adventurer and treasure seeker (like the party?). We'd cornered a very bad wizard, after three days of blue bolts and gluey nets, d'mented henchmen and pet spiders, and worse. There was he, beaten with nowhere to run, and he starts barg'nin for his wuthless life.'

''See 'ere', says he, 'I have a stash, both magickal and moon-dane, locked away where you cannot get them without m' help. Let me go, and I'll give them to you!' Well, as we had precious little for our troubles so far, we said if he showed us the treasure, and it were worth enough, we'd let 'im live. An he made us swear to 't, which we did, and lo, sure 'nough, he revealed an invisible door we'd like never found, and there was several things, though not so much as he'd wanted us to believe.'

'Yay, an' this here ever-filling Goblet was the best part of my share. Strange magic on it, though. While it refills forever, far as I know, ya can only drink from the goblet isself; pour it into something else, and it goes away'. He will demonstrate; wine poured from the goblet into another glass will evaporate on contact, etc.

'And so, to honor my good fortune, I grant every new patron one free drink, as much and as long as they wish - well, til I close for th' night, anyway!'

At this point, several random patrons will laugh, or sigh, and others will beg for another freebie, to which Hilgar will respond with dramatic gesture: 'Now, now, there, I have a 'stablishment to run and canna make a livin' handin out free drinks. We'll all share a drink on Solstice next (to general cheering) - And not afore!'

'But you, new friends, are entitled - Please, drink as much as ye wish, an I'll finish me tale.' At which point he will offer the Goblet and wait for a PC to drink.

The wine will smell fine, and a first taste will be good, but any deeper draught will turn to the most unpalatable taste the individual PC can imagine - for each PC, that might be anything from swamp water to a fine Bordeaux, because the goblet is indeed magical and can determine exactly the worst possible flavor. The wine is harmless (in fact, it would keep somebody alive if they had no other water), but unimaginably vile. A very strong-willed (or severely taste-impaired) PC may actually be able to choke it down and hand off the Goblet to the next victim, but most will immediately spit the foul wine over the bar - to the great amusement of all other patrons and Hilgar.

But Hilgar is not a bad man, and after a hearty laugh, will say 'Ay, and that was me answer to the wizard, sure 'nough. Ah, friends, 'tis but a harmless prank. Water will clear yer palate, and let me give you a wine or ale - of the best quality to be found, I assure you! - on the house.' The other patrons will prove more than a match for any 'victim' that cannot be cajoled into accepting a practical joke with a laugh instead of a fight.

After that, the food is hearty and good, the drink is above average, the prices are not unreasonable, and the patrons are much more than typically friendly and full of useful information. Of course, all are encouraged to spread the fame of The Full Goblet far and wide - but not the nature of the wine, of course.

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