The Glow Lights of the Great Library. This set of five magikal crystal balls has been with the library since the earliest archived records. Each ball is one handspan in diameter and perfectly round. They give off a bright, white light, suitable for reading. If removed from the library, (or from the other balls), the balls cease to glow, making it pointless to steal a ball for your own use.

The balls are quite popular as they allow people to safely research late into the night.

These balls were created by Corvus to light his own library. Like all orbs of his creation, the balls are intelligent. The balls can "read"(or see) anything that is being read by someone near them. They can then discuss this information amongst themselves. Over the centuries, the balls have become brillian scholars, philosphers, and scientists, having read every written word in the libarary and inspired many of them. They use their ability to manipulate people, (innate to all of Corvus's Orbs), to push scholars and researchers in directions they wish to explore. They also sometimes help young scholars get started by nudging them to the right books. More than one scholar has had a "eureaka moment" in the presence of a light sphere. They also know where every book is in the library, so they aid the staff in putting the books back in exactly the right place quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes, the nudge researches to quest for certain pieces of knowledge that they wish to know. If they think you will be good at something (like getting some rare item), you would be suprised at what you become inspired to do in the library.

Long ago, Corvus created a vast number of magikal crystal orbs of various sizes, most of which were incorporated into other items. These orbs housed magikally created intelligences with the following powers:
1) The ability to influence and manipulate the minds of those around it to some degree.
2) The ability to communicate with any other Orb at any range, if it desires. Actually more orbs speak with the scholar orbs than with any other. They frequently "ask" what their "siblings" are doing, just to keep abreast of what is really going on in the world.
3) The ability to block or diffuse the power of another orb, 100% magik resistance against orb magik. It can sometimes grant that ability to others or use the power at range.
4) The ability to be nearly unbreakable (they are crystal after all)
5) 1-5 Magikal abilities to fufill its original purpose as a tool for Corvus. They were originally made as assistants and aides for Corvus. Since they have outlasted him and anyone who knew much about them, they are now free to follow their own agendas.

The items are immortal. Mortals are their playthings, their chess pieces, their hands.

Magical Properties:

The ability to glow brightly or softly. Also the Orb's innate abilities.

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