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March 11, 2010, 5:07 pm

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The Fares Family of Deities


An optional pantheon of deities for your fantasy setting.

The Setting:

This pantheon of deities was created when I asked myself the following questions:  What if after a fantasy realm is destroyed by an armageddon/ragnarok/god war if a single deity (or a few) were to survive?  What if they were lesser deities without world building or life generating powers?  Where would they go?  Would they be welcome in any other dimension currently owned/governed by other pantheons of gods?  Hence I created this pantheon of a god family that escaped a destroyed world or dimension and came to settle in an uncontrolled world called Plix.  Plix was a world of huge mountains and deserts devoid of vegatation with vast oceans filled with a huge variety of sea serpents.  Once settled by the deities, plants and animals, taken from other worlds were used to seed the land.  Eventually, a number of fantasy races had taken up residence, built temples to the only gods they know of the Fares family:



the Father of the People

greater god of the elements, honour, justice, goodness, leadership, and power

Fares was first to arrive on Plix with his wife, Aley. They are the ones who called the council of gods. Fares is all that is good. He has led the world like a kind father and answers his servants with gifts. He sorrows over those who will not follow his leadership and sink to the ways of darkness. His greatest weakness is an intolerance for evil... particularly in those who act dishonourably. The traitors and those who would corrupt are the first to face the wrath of this god. Fares is worshipped by anyone good. His priests until late have acted as the government on Plix.

Fares and Aley had three children. They had first a twin boy and girl born in their home dimension. A son named Retir and a daughter named Licra. The third child was a daughter is named Naturi who was born on Plix. The children rebelled against their parents and the twins contracted/married into the devil and demon worlds respectively. Retir and his devil lord wife, Dharina bore five daughters, Adayla, Naina, Savril, Minri, and Lyrine. Licra married a demon lord named Oriack. They only had one son by the name of Yoor. The grandchildren of Fares and Aley waged a war against the holy leadership of Fares and Aley. At one catastrophic moment, Aley sacrificed her life to save Fares. Since that time there is no reconciliation in this dysfunctional family.

Fares appears as a mature tall, white skinned man or elf. He has golden eyes, silver hair and a squared silver beard. Over his head is a halo which resembles a crown of white fire. His countenance is typically sad. He wears an ornate breastplate symbolizing the elements over grey monks robes and holds a gold and platinum longsword in his right hand symbolizing justice and holds a silver and bronze ornate mace in his left hand symbolizing freedom.



the Sacrifice

greater goddess of the afterlife for the righteous

Aley is not worshipped now, nor ever was as an individual deity. When Fares was worshipped, respect and patronage was also given to Aley at the same time. Now she only lives as a symbol. Any innocent or righteous person who dies is said to dwell in a paradise with Aley. Anyone who dies to save his friends and family is assured a spot in the holy place with Aley.

Aley appeared as a beautiful mature woman or she-elf wearing a white silk dress. Her emerald eyes are often depicted as tear filled. Her hair is long and appears to be made of silver just like her husbands. She holds an empty bassinet woven from silver and gold.


Retir & Dharina

the Dual Being

greater god & goddess of compromise, arbitration, balance, and peace

Retir at one point was all that was good like unto his father. After meeting and falling in love with the Devil Lord Dharina, Retir was led down a tragic 'Samson & Delilah' story which ended with their marriage. The marriage was completed in contract, devil style. The contract was tampered with and has resulted in Retir and Dharina are joined together like Siamese twins. They must always be physically touching each other and it is believed that if either were to die the spouse must immediately follow. Retir and Dharina's union has caused no end of grief to Fares and Aley. Their five daughters played an instrumental role in the death of Aley. Ages later, Retir regrets his decisions.

Retir appears as a handsome white skinned man or elf with flowing silver hair like his parents. He is always wearing a shining platinum field plate with gold trim and no helm. His eyes are emerald just like his mothers. He carries a matching two handed axe made from platinum and gold. Dharina is a red skinned, busty beauty with short horns on top of her head. She has a long tail which is constantly in motion. Her hair is as black as night. She is most often depicted wearing a black lace nightgown. Her weapon of choice is a cat-o-nine-tails. In every religious statue of the two they are back to back almost mirroring each others expression and pose.



the original rebel

greater goddess of magic

Licra, unlike her immediate family, wasn't naturally good. She was the first to rebel against her father's rule and found asylum in forbidden places. She was at first, self-centred and selfish to the extreme. She wanted to find ways to get back at her father. She caused natural disasters, aided her father's enemies, gave forbidden information to mortals, dabbled in forbidden magics, and finally married a demon lord just to get back at her father. It took many centuries of living in the sorrow that anger brings before she decided to let it go. Finally when she came to herself she left her unfaithful husband and her cursed son and seeks solace in the mind numbing studies of unlimited tomes of knowledge collected from across all known dimensions. She refuses to attempt reconciliation with her father because the toll of justice would weigh too heavily against her. She is the patron deity of wizards and other magic users who take their power from the land.

Licra appears to be a beautiful, white skinned young woman or she-elf. She has silver hair which is bound up on the top of her head in a bun held by numerous gold clasps. She always looks intently with golden eyes like her father. She wears a sky-blue gown or robe with a gold and silver bracer (or armband... you know those metal sleeves that run from wrist to elbow and can be used to block swords... if you know the correct name please let me know) on each arm. She holds a thick book close to her breast with her left hand and in her right she holds a staff.



the silent

greater goddess of nature

Naturi is a patron deity of druids, monks, and farmers. For reasons unknown she doesn't normally speak. She is definitely smart enough and has spoken on a handful of occasions but prefers to communicate through a powerful empathy. She left her home with Fares just after the family troubles got too intense and seems to be naturally an enemy to Licra. She lives on Plix and hides in the wildest of places and is said to have created most of the creatures that wander the world.

Naturi is depicted as a beautiful, oak skinned young woman or she-elf. She has green hair that resembles leaves which flow freely down her back. She is depicted naked but typically has privacy by being covered by her long green hair. She is usually depicted as holding the sun in her right hand and the moon in her left but also can appear holding a bow with a quiver of arrows on her shoulder.



the unholy

lesser goddess of necromancy, undead, and forbidden magic

Adayla is the oldest daughter of Retir and Dharina. She was killed (sort of) during the attack on Fares that killed Aley. She has returned as a shade of sorts and leads necromancer guilds and is worshipped by intelligent undead including vampires, liches, wraiths, and ghosts. She still has strong ties to her devilish heritage through her mother Dharina.

Adayla is depicted as being a beautiful woman with white skin and black coloured eyes. She wears a strange black body wrap/dress that shifts magically as sheer. Her skin is also sheer and at times one can see her skeleton beneath. Watching her can at times be erotic and other times be frightening as she constantly changes. It is said that the touch of her hand is fatal to mortal and withering to immortals.



the despised

lesser goddess of ugliness, savagery, traitors, bitterness, neglect, and revenge

Naina is the second daughter of Retir and Dharina. She is reputed to be the ugliest and due to this (at least in part) she hates everyone and everything. From time to time she succumbs to the desire to be accepted by other gods and goddesses, most particularly if it includes her sisters. In such instances she is very cooperative and very much a team player. One such instance was the attack on Fares and his wife, Aley. It doesn't take much for her to abandon such alliances quickly under minimal provocation. She tends to be the patron deity for people who have been left behind, the ugly, the despised, the scape goats, and those who bottle anger their whole lives. She is known to actively help traitors, even when they don't serve her.

Naina is depicted as a cowled figure hiding her face and hands. Naina often is depicted holding a spear with a head impaled on it.



the sadist

lesser goddess of torture, pain, pride, lust, beauty, and vanity

Savril is the third daughter of Retir and Dharina. Savril is said to be the most beautiful of all the goddesses. She is very haughty and a snob in the extreme. If Naina ever had a chance to be normal, Savril drove it out of her. Savril tends to have a very small following but they are elite. To be noticed by her, one must have a similar level of pride and arrogance and a hatred for all life. She noticeably helps her subjects to 'stay ahead of the Joneses'. Savril is a die hard sadist and loves to curse and torture mortals who, unworthy in her eyes, call upon her name.

Savril is depicted as a beautiful bronze skinned young woman or she-elf. She has long beautifully cared for blond hair and deep reflective brown eyes. She has tiny gold horns poking through her hair. She is depicted as wearing a scanty yellow and white gown. Her weapon of choice is a long blackened dagger which is constantly dripping blood but she also has bronze throwing daggers and/or shuriken that tear through armour like it was made of tissue paper.



the Soul Collector

lesser goddess of afterlife for the wicked and assassins

Minri is the fourth daughter of Retir and Dharina. When Minri came of age, she became a hired gun for the devils, often capturing mortals who tried to get out of devilish contracts. Since that time she has started collecting all souls that have a dark enough taint. Some souls she keeps and some she sells to the devils or demons. She has no ties or obligations to anyone and prefers to keep it that way.

Minri is depicted as a tall beautiful woman with white skin. She has wispy long black hair and solid white eyes. Two long black horns poke out from under her cowl and a long black tail that splits into three comes out from her rear. She wears a black cloak and carries a scythe much like a grim reaper. At times she is depicted as having four arms. In the top two arms she holds the scythe. In her lower arms she holds an archaic golden hour glass in her left and a bag made of human skin in her right which legend tells carries the souls of her victims.



the devourer

lesser goddess of gluttony, theft, gladiators, sea serpents, and dragons

Lyrine is the fifth daughter of Retir and Dharina. She lives at the bottom of the ocean forever breeding bigger and more monstrous beasts to play havoc on the mortals of the land. Thanks to Lyrine's existence, no race has mastered the oceans, and every boat ever made has been destroyed and brought to the bottom of the ocean. Lyrine has few if any mortal followers. Her mortal followers include island dwelling people who sacrifice much to stay alive.

Lyrine is depicted as a beautiful mermaid with long black hair and a shimmering black fish tail. She has two short ivory narwhal or unicorn like horns coming from either side of the corners of her head. Her eyes are a deep turquoise. She wears a necklace made of unique shells and shark's teeth. She carries a trident and a short sword.



the beast

demon lord of mischief, adultery, luck, and lies

Oriack isn't a true god but is worshipped like one thanks to his goddess wife of a time, Licra. Always the unfaithful, always the deceiver, Oriack abused his wife Licra, and his son Yoor, until they abandoned him. Oriack has been known to help unsavoury men in gambling to take all the stakes and then abandon the wife and kids. Most of these individuals fortunes are very short lived and either gambled away, spent poorly, or stolen. Oriack has a preference for male subjects as females are abused until they leave or killed prematurely.

Oriack appears like a tall handsome man with a cleft chin. He has a permanent three days growth on his face and two curly rams horns on either side of his dark head. He has yellow cat eyes which glow in the dark and a long forked tongue. He always looks like he's holding back on the best joke of the decade. He wears a unique piecework armour which includes an oversized shoulder guard and spiked bracers. His weapons of choice are a pair of serrated scimitars.



the megalomaniac

lesser god of power lust, hatred, murderers, and jealousy

Yoor is the single offspring of Oriack & Licra. Yoor grew up in the shadow and disharmony of the shattering of the marriage between his parents and chose to hate them both. Living and growing in hatred that abounds in the Hades dimension that was his home, Yoor attempted to gain power and strength. Thanks to his half deity nature, he was quite powerful and threatened to take control. His immaturity turned out to be his downfall. After a long painful war, his army was defeated and Yoor abandoned the world and came to dwell on Plix. His hatred is legendary and he does not work well with anyone who would consider themselves his equal. Yoor now attempts to rebuild his might in minions and take over Plix. Yoor was able to learn huge amounts of magic from his mother before they parted company. He favours the most brutal 'kill everything in sight' spells.

Yoor is depicted as a freakishly tall and lanky demon with a light greenish skin. Yoor has large yellow eyes that are always bloodshot. He sports a pair of bovine horns on either side of his head that are pointed downward. He also sports a pair of large greenish bat wings on his back. His ability to fly is one of his strong points. His speed and versatility are much to be envied. His build is similar to that of a gorilla with exaggerated arms and smaller hind quarters although he never walks on his knuckles unless perhaps severely injured. Yoor typically wears only a loin cloth but if expecting a bigger conflict wears a unique breastplate with bracers and greaves. Yoor's weapons of choice include either a jagged demonic halberd or a pair of broadswords, also decorated in Hades finest.

Thanks to Seventh Sanctum's Name Generators

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Comments ( 7 )
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Voted Cheka Man
March 11, 2010, 17:11
Nice. You took lots of time over it.
March 11, 2010, 17:34
F.Y.I. There is more... I just wanted to give a summary and see how well it's received before fleshing the rest of it out for you. Let me know what you would like completed as a individual entry. Thanks for your attention.
Voted tinypoisonousfish
March 13, 2010, 9:19
The origin concept is pretty cool, the gods are okay.

I know it's a first draft, feels like it. I think the myths need some more detail and the composition needs tightening up, but it's a nice first pass, a good overall concept and a good reason for very different gods to be thrown together - in fact I'm surprised they aren't more different.
March 13, 2010, 12:33
This isn't the complete batch of deities. I guess I can see why you thought it was complete. This submission is only a single family and a summary at that... to give you, the folks at Strolen, a chance to decide if fleshing out the whole world here, is worth it. Making the myths is more difficult as all original deities how ever many that might be, could be included in each myth. I'm seeking collaboration on this and was unsure which direction I should go with submission types etc. and I figure that a future codex of all contributions might be best.
Voted Moonlake
May 17, 2013, 2:25
I quite like the write-up of this family of Gods and the setting when you explained the inspiration for them. But I think some of the background needs to be expanded eg. who tempered with the contract b/w Retir & Dharina and why.
btw, I think the bracer thing that you mentioned are called armguards
May 20, 2013, 17:34
This was going to be huge... I was going to flesh out each deity, their priesthoods, and their dogma in separate submissions. Lack of interest convinced me drop the project. I have to admit that Retir & Dharina where more developed than most. Thanks for giving it a look, Moonlake. If this is something that would be used, I might pick it up again.
Voted valadaar
August 19, 2014, 15:07
I think this is an excellent summary of this set of gods, and may be deep enough for many campaigns.

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