The Dolman (named for the city of its origin) has such a colorful history of its own. It was used by a local Evil Cult as bait to draw out any other occult groups in their area. They dropped rumors and left clues to tantilize the occult orriented. They created an elaborate mini-temple that was trapped to capture adventurous or greedy souls. The trap was successfully sprung a number of times. Those poor fools were then sacrificed to the Dark God. Some of the energy was syphoned off into the Dolman Falcon to enhance its "mystical" qualities AND to be used for later magics.

After a few decades of the trap working, the Dolman Falcon developed a great deal of mystic energy power. It developed into more than a mere battery. It became an actual generator of magical energies, increasing the amount of magic around the item.

Eventually, someone escaped with the prize. While they were disappointed that it did not hold the KNOWLEDGE OF THE AGES, but a mystical energy generator is still worth having. The owner was short lived, as others wanted the Dolman Falcon for themselves. Many think it is the Malachite Falcon. Others know it is a copy, but covet it for its supposed magical powers. The cult continues to dog the owner of the Dolman to regain the item.

Even in the tomb hunting and occult circles, The Dolman is currently lost to history. Every now and again rumors of it resurface, and people scramble in that direction.

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