Lacrimosa appears to be a short, rotund, balding middle aged man. His looks are rather plain and he radiates none of the majesty one would expect from the king of all demons. He dresses inconspicuously and the only outward clue that he might be an infernal entity is the bloody red of his eyes and the pair of small vestigal horns which have pierced through the skin of his forehead.

Lacrimosa began his life as a human wizard whose name has been forgotten to history. His magical abilities were limtied and unremarkable, but one day he stumbled upon a scroll written in an forgotten language. Over the next several years of his life, he translated and studied it.

"Herein lies the ultimate achievement of the demonologist Aidram-To he who reads this, fear not evil. To he who reads this, evil shall fear you."

The scroll contained an ancient spell which would destroy any demon, and the wizard began to use it to destroy many evil spirits which had haunted the kingdom in which he lived. He gained great reknown as a slayer of demons, but he also attracted the attention of the Demon King, Zaalmonath. Unknowing of the potency of Aidram's spell, he brought the wizard to his inner sanctum to utter destroy this upstart sorceror.

The wizard killed Zaalmonath, and in doing so, unwittingly took his place as the king of all demons. The wizard ordered Zaalmonath's minister to bring his family to him-If it was his fate to rule the underworld, he would at least bring those he loved to accompany him. The minister, being of the opinion that a human should hardly rule the demon world and knowing that it was the only way to bring someone to the underworld, murdered the wizard's wife and young son.

The wizard's wife and son were good people and innocent, and so they did not descend to the underworld. When the wizard discovered that he had damned himself to an eternity without those he loved, he destroyed the minister and took the name Lacrimosa, which means "the weeping one" in the language of the demons.

Roleplaying Notes
Lacrimosa is a member of a given world's cosmology and is unlikely to directly influence any particular adventure (unless a hero or villain draws the attention of the demon nobility). He is an entity of great power, having all the abilities of previous demon kings and the power to slay other demons at will. He has little will to continue the underworld's ongoing war with the heavens and an uneasy peace has settled in the millenia since he ascended to the throne. He has no qualms with the demons converting those with impure hearts to the cause of evil (the average demon agenda), but when they turn to good people, especially devoted family men, he has a tendency to punish those responsible with terrible speed. Lacrimosa continues to govern the underworld out of necessity—he believes that if he helps to maintain the balance between the underworld and the heavens, then he might be reunited with his family at the end of all worlds.

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