Full Item Description

This item appears as a filthy brown sack, apparently in poor repair.


Purported to be an item once borne by a lesser demon or devil and that it was wrested from them by Jancinthia the 3rd, a powerful sorceress - now presumed long dead. Other sources credit the the Banewright Aslovan for its creation, as a gift to his lover. The same sources indicate that Aslovan soon found himself placed in the bag.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The Damning sack has two major properties. It is large enough to magically contain a human sized body while weighing no more then five pounds and remaining fairly small in size. The second is once a week, the contents can be dropped (one way) into Hell (or other similarly nasty location as determined by the GM).

Campaign Use

This item is generally used by the truly evil as a means to dispose of victims, live or dead. It also could be used by some as a means of punishing criminals giving them an express ticket to the abyss.

It is possible that the sack is not permanently one way, but something has been biding its time, and once enough victims have been disposed of by the sack, the direction will reverse and something wicked this way comes!

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