The heroes, weary and broken after a race through the hellish deserts of Outer Daemonland, stand above the ancient cliffs. The Elephant God has finally been put to rest. He was not as evil as he appeared to be. He has promised the heroes the land that they now see. But how to get down the titanic, nearly-sheer cliffs?

-There is a ruined fortress of a curious sort, perched on the edge of the cliff. Tunnels beneath the fortress wind down to the bottom, but all manner of vile beasts and indescribable beings dwell in these tunnels, and they are highly unstable to boot.
-Several miles to the east, a cyclopean stairway has been carved from the face of the cliff. The broken bases of titanic columns rest on every other step. Some of these columns are intact, and some may have fallen across the stair, smashing the steps or blocking the way with their bulk.
-If the heroes are well prepared, they may have climbing gear with them. If so, they can rappel down the cliff.
-If they travel two miles to the west and cross over a dune, the heroes will come to an oases of pure water where a group of sheer-stalkers lives. (Sheer-stalkers: Beasts that walk down sheer cliffs.)
-Magical means, of course.

When the heroes find a way to the bottom of the cliff, they find themselves in a lush, swampy forest. To the south, the clouded wall of the cliffs soars into the sky. To the north, the forest stretches to the foothills of the most fantasticaly high mountains the heroes have ever seen, white and glimmering with snow and ice. There are bizarre animals found nowhere else in the world in this valley, and beings that have not existed elsewhere for millions of years, including:

-Assorted Dinosauria, including Tyrant Lizards (T-Rex), and Quick Slashers (Velociraptors).
-Dire animals.
-Races that are thought to be extinct.

In addition, the place is filled with ancient ruins that seem to call out to the heroes, filling their minds with irrational promises.

The heroes, if they have not fared so well during their journey through Daemonland, find that the forest is bountiful enough to be a home. They may leave if they wish, or stay, but sometime within three days of seeing the mysterious mountain peaks at the north end of the valley, the heroes will get a strange urge to seek those mountains.

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