Full Item Description

This is an intricately worked clasp that can be quickly and easily attached to any robe, cape, cloak, belt, or anything else that needs a clasp. The clasp is made entirely out of Gemstones (although it does have a metal backing) and is ornately designed.

On the right side is what appears to be a sphere precariously balanced on the tip of a pin. On the other side is a sun overtop of a moon. Both symbols are separated by what appears to be a measuring scale leaning ever so slightly to one side. The gemstones are the same size as if the clasp was made out of stained glass, and are intricately designed and fit together to give each symbol vibrant colors, complete with shading.


A long time ago, Marestia, the Goddess of Chance, and Gareth, the God of Time, were having an argument. Marestia claimed that mortals were ruled by chaotic emotions that could not be controlled, while Gareth claimed that, like time, the actions of mortals could be explained by the events that had preceded them.

For Centuries the two Gods argued about this simple question until their fighting filled the realm of the Gods like that of an old married couple in a small house. Finally, the other Gods got so fed up, that they sent Kagova, the God of Judgement, to settle the dispute.

Both Gods gladly told their sides of the argument, and even made a wager on what the result would be. Listening to both sides, Kagova said that he had a solution to the dispute, but would only tell them if both would cease their fighting. Both Gods, thinking that Kagova would pronounce them right, quickly agreed.

Instead of a direct answer, he proposed that they discover the truth with an experiment. They would create an artifact that would replace the emotions and beliefs of an individual with those of another. If the individual overcame those beliefs because of their course in life, then Gareth was right, and the events of life determined the actions of mortals. If however, those beliefs continued to dominate each man's actions until death, then clearly Marestia was correct, and chance emotions ruled mortal kind.

Ten such Artifacts, made into the form of clasps were created and spread over the earth, given to individuals who would pass them on to other individuals, and when they had sat on the earth for long enough, then the memories of the Clasps of Reincarnation would be examined and a conclusion could be made.

However, not soon after the Wager was made, Gareth and Marestia became lovers, and in their new found happiness, quickly forgot the dispute which had once racked the Realm of the Gods.

Now, untold millennia later, the Clasps of Reincarnation still exist, dutifully serving the purpose for which they were made.

Magic/Cursed Properties

This item is actually sentient. When it is first worn, the item creates a soul bond with the host. Over the course of a week or so, the personality and beliefs (but not the memories or knowledge) that the clasp has is transposed to the person who possesses it. Once that is done, the clasp takes on the personality and beliefs of the wearer, however, the change is very gradual because the person has already fully adopted the clasp's personality.

The clasp maintains this bond until the wearer dies or the clasp is separated by a large enough distance, or lastly, until somebody else consciously takes new ownership of it.

Now, it should be noted that the memories of the person who wears the clasp may become distorted or re-perceived in a different light in the same way that two different people can see the same situation differently, however the clasp is not directly altering those memories in any way.

The clasp itself is indestructible. This is not to say that it is impervious to physical damage, however nobody would actually have the heart to destroy it. Upon examining it, even briefly, anybody looking at it automatically feels that it somehow speaks to them, and immediately feels a very strong appreciation. Even if they themselves cannot have it, they do not want it destroyed.

Additionally, all standard wear and tear is healed by the magic force of the wearer, as well as any magical energy that hits the Clasp, so that if it were chipped, cracked, or even shattered, it would slowly mend itself in no more than twenty four hours. Considering that the Clasp of Reincarnation is made with thick metal gemstone with a relatively thick metal backing, it is pretty tough anyway.

Clarification of Magical Properties

This item can be somewhat tricky to understand. I thought that it might be a good Idea to clarify some questions before somebody asks them.

1) If somebody takes off the clasp, and then puts it back on a week later, the clasp goes through the same process as for a new user. However, since the clasp has the same personality as the wearer did when he took it off, the person will only revert to his personality as of one week ago. Usually the change goes completely unnoticed.

2) A famous poet was wearing the clasp before he died. A fighter picks it up and puts it on. The fighter will take on the personality of the poet. He would develope an appreciation for art and literature. He might find fighting repulsive. He would like different foods and different kinds of women. In short, his whole way of viewing the world changes.

Now, to clarify, the fighter would not suspect that he was being enchanted unless he was very observant. He would just find that he has grown a dislike for his profession. He might start to think that he has been unsatisfied with his path in life for a long time, but had not really gotten around to doing anything about it. All of these changes would seem as if they were only natural.

Also, just because the fighter decides that he wants to write poetry does not mean that he will be any better at it. He would still be a terrible writer. However, he would have the desire to learn and improve.

Role Playing Ideas

The great thing about this item is that you can attach any personality that you want to it. It could have the personality of an evil Warlord, or the divine spirit of a Pious Paladin, or it could just have a run of the mill personality.

1) The players are to investigate the strange occurence of people going Mad in a town. Each time they lock a person up, it spreads to another person. As they track down the disease, they realize that it always seems to afflict anybody who wears an ordinary belt with an extremely valuable and ornate buckle.

The real truth of the matter, is that one of the village people had found the Clasp of Reincarnation on the dead remains of an Ogre. He started becoming more and more volatile until he started attacking random people in the streets. He was quickly locked up, and the clasp was confiscated.

2)Somebody has placed a curse on the great merchant, Perulin. He no longer has the same vigor he once had. He is unable to drive a hard bargain, and he gives in to bad deals easily. Find out who has put a Hex on him before he loses his entire fortune.

In truth, Perulin bought the Clasp of reincarnation from a timid individual, and has now taken on the personality of a pacifist.

3)The Reldon Empire has existed for over three thousand years, ruled by a very long line of benevolent rulers. All of them are very well loved by the people, but recently, Emperor Ferran the XI has taken to...unusual behavior. He gossips with the Maids, looks at himself in the mirror all the time, and... has been caught trying on women's clothing in his private chambers.

We think that he is being possessed by his dead wife clarice. Exorcise him, and any other spirits in the castle as soon as possible.

-Actually the situation started on his birthday. The Clasp of Reincarnation is attached to the Emperor's Ceremonial Robe for celebrations only. The rest of the time it is kept in the vault. Over the last three thousand years, the Clasp has successfully reverted every Emperor's personality to match the first, but was never worn long enough to take on the Emperor's personality changes. Recently, the maid has been cleaning the Vaulted Items, and decided to make believe that she were the Queen by wearing the Ceremonial Robe. Notably, her behavior has changed drastically.

Ideas and Suggestions

Most importantly, any ideas as to how to make this post better are more than welcome.


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