The City's name is Asylum. Actually the name of the city has come to mean that.

Asylum is an odd city when seen from a distance. It is a large walled metropolis with a small town ringing the city, with its own watchtowers and wall. The odd thing is the town wall's defenses face outward, the city wall's defenses face inward.

Long ago, Asylum was a vibrant city, full of life. It was a wonderful city that held one of many palaces. Then one day, it happened. Those inside the city went mad. No one knows the reason. It could be magik. It could be a God. It could be an illness. No matter what the reason, the effects were contained by the large city walls. No one seem spared.

The Mad ones had great strength and near immunity to pain and injury. Those manning the walls that day, saw the change. They saw the madness and its effects. Thinking quickly, the guard captain sealed the gates and blocked the city side entrances to the wall. The stated reason was to prevent the mad ones from escaping, more cynical observers said it was to save their own existance.

The Ruler received the report from the surviving city guard. He eventually sent an army to relieve those guards. He arranged for food stuffs and other supplies to be sent to the city and dropped from the walls or sent over by catapult. The Ruler never explained his reasoning for this aid or for sending the army. Every ruler since that time has continued the tradition. Now anyone who is mad is sent to the city and released into it, like a fish returned to its native pond.

In all this time, no one has ever managed to explain the madness or its cause. The troopers who occasionally desend to the city to drop supplies or put out fires, seem to think the Mad Ones do not age either.

To those who visit the city, see the guards and their families in village that has sprung up around Asylum to be a bit odd. Perhaps it is the nature of the duty. Perhaps it is the madness creeping out. So far, nobody has closed their gates and sealed their wall.

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