Once a year, the army travelles the country and rounds up the Mad. Those insane, once collected, are taken to the City of Asylum. (See Settings Entry) This annual event has developed a number of local names, The Tribute to the Mad, The Fools Army, The Crown's Folly.

While you are travelling on the road, you encounter an army unit escorting 30 insane people dressed in tattered clothes. Most are your garden variety fool, gibbering madwoman, and fool who thinks he is a noble. They are gathered in caged carts and treated a little better than animals.

One or more of the party recognize one of the so called 'mad'. It is a noble that they have had previous dealing. While he is not acting perfectly normal, he is not a madman. Is he insane, or a political prisoner under the influence of drugs being carted off to Asylum?

They are three days from reaching the Gate of Madness. What do you do?

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