No, this isn't serious. I can't stop myself. HALP!

From whence it came, no one knows. All the cult knows is that it appeared one day, and that in a deep and terrible voice, the shambling blue mound of fur made its demand, its vast maw crying out for its sacrifice. And in that moment, they fell before it, bringing forth the demand that it required. And with a vast and terrible sound, it devoured them. And they knew that if they did not assauge that demand, then they would be the next to be eaten by the creature.

To that end, they have begun to pilfer and steal from the area to feed the monster, bashing in the heads of shopkeepers and taking as much as they can carry in their sacks and running back to the creature as fast as they can. The preferred food in question? Cookies.

It is bad enough that the town council is considering hiring some low level adventurers to take care of the problem, having come to discover that the creature this band of peasants is worshiping out of fear for their own lives is a very real beast. When their spies happened upon them, the point got out but a single cry to his trail before he was fed to the beast, with a terrible sound, described by the trail as 'OM NOM NOM NOM!' And, as the trail fled, he thought he heard the voice of the demon singing, 'o~ Humans are a sometimes food. ~o'

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