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October 2, 2012, 3:26 pm

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The Bank


Act now and receive a 0.9% APR for 6 months on any home or personal loan, and walk away with 1000 frequent flyer miles*

*Usage limited to those departing Lagos, Nigeria or Fairbanks, USA. 

-Hey are you on-line? Listen, I am going to warn you about something. I can't use any proper nouns here cause the server filters will get me.  They have got a search running for the information I about to share with you right now, but I tell you what the place looks like so you can grab your wallet when you run by.  Anyway, lets just call it

The Bank

The image and internal indoor experience of the Bank’s physical locations were carefully conceived and are painstakingly reproduced at each branch to put the majority of clients at ease.  But the atheistic is also designed to dissuade more traditional banking clients or the more savvy financial shopper.  By the door and in the parking lot armed guards will cheerfully greet you.  The security guards are young handsome men with a slightly hipster or urban look to them despite the uniforms.  The entrance way is offset from the main street and down a little garden path, such as you might expect from a kitsch asian eatery or absurdly expensive furniture store.  The waiting area is lovely, in lieu of the velvet rope maze there is a conversation nook style sitting area with modern low level couches, and oddly inclined leather chair like things.  Plus there is a complimentary single serving coffee maker, and spring a water dispenser both of which use real mugs.  You simply take a number have, seat and watch financial news on the 72 inch flat screen or use the free wireless. If you just need to make a deposit they call your number, but if you are there for some other business a young good looking high school educated person will come out a guide you back to an inviting comfortable office. They seem trustworthy (that is why they were hired, a corporatememo generated by outside personal firm details how to hire trust worthy people), and they really do seem trustworthy after all their computer screen is always visible.   He or she will enter your information and sign your death warrant.  Everybody has something somebody wants and the bank immediately uploads your information to every exploitive venture on the planet.  You will get your loan, but it is pennies compared to what the Bank makes in return by selling your data.  They don’t even hold on to your debt, return two weeks later and you will find you loan is no longer with this bank but they will be happy to assist you with another one.

When you are in trouble, that is when you banker can direct you to the most stable growth industry in history…information age evil.  The banker may not know exactly what he is putting you into, but the computer network of greed and need he is linked up with will find away to get money out of you.  Have a child: the bank can find a buyer, willing to travel: the bank could use some mules; work for some other organization:  the bank could use a favor.  Everyone that works at the bank is into it somehow, that is part of the Bank’s mission: employee loyalty through shared success and failures. The pension plans, the health care plan, the tax free saving accounts for employees are all ways by which the Bank takes control of its people.

But here is the kicker: the bank doesn’t exists, not really.  There is no room with a high backed chair facing a panel of monitors, there is no villa were somebody lives fat of  the money and there is no central headquarters.  The bank formed organically, other banks and businesses hired subcontractors, and consultants to develop new financial products.  Existing banks, were purchased, the interior redesigned to reflect the bank’s “brand”, and the staff hired by an outside advisory board.  The Bank has become a self-perpetuating cycle of need and exploitation.  If you want to play the hero and  strike at the heart of the Bank then you will learn the hard lesson of all heros. True evil has no heart to strike.   All you heroic types will find is a network of amoral inhuman debt management, risk assessment, obligation and greed that is so complex that it possess an animal like intelligence.   Each part of the Bank can be independent, a good person just doing their job, or standing investment strategy, but when all those parts are put together they serve a single nefarious purpose. 

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Comments ( 6 )
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October 2, 2012, 7:14
Kind of difficult to read, which I assume was on purpose. The idea, or at least what I think of the idea, is a sound one and decently realistic to be morbid and a tad scary.

A few plot hooks and a short list of what the banks use your information for would be great. I realize putting those in are outside the transmission part of the sub but put it in for us knowledge freaks. Otherwise I like it.
October 2, 2012, 9:17
I would like to know more about the Bank, and would like to have the fluff text separated out.
Voted Murometz
October 2, 2012, 11:26
Interesting. So you're poking fun at those Nigerian Bank emails we all get? I'll have you know, that no less than a "prince" from Lagos, has offered me $16,000,000 euros if I simply first "lend him" $500 for bank transfer fees. You see, he is a political prisoner, and....
Voted Strolen
October 9, 2012, 13:41
I very much like this idea. There is a lot to expand on that I would love to see but overall I am content to accept it as is.
Voted Dozus
November 6, 2012, 8:33
It's an interesting article. I would like it to be a little more clarified so I have a better understanding of what I'm looking at, rather than draw my own conclusions and risk misunderstanding you. I like the realism of the thing, though; I'm not convinced this bank doesn't already exist.
Voted valadaar
May 26, 2013, 21:55
I like this. It gives me a certain thriller feel, like the mysterious societies in the Bourne series.


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