The first of the Athlran was Impthus. He was created by the very essence of light itself. His heart was the purest of all and unique.

Why does his heart unique?

Darkness cannot overwhelm light, while light can shine bright even in the heart of darkness itself. Because of Impthus' unique heart, Felenthur, his brother grew jealous and started to ask more from the Creator.

'Demons are ignorant. They can't accept what fate had gave them'



The Creator had created darkness and light through Felenthur and Impthus. Felenthur, with the Heart of Darkness cannot accet for what he already become, especially when he knew that he cannot overcome ligh. Not to let Felenthur, frustrated, the Creator gave Felenthur another attribute, which is Fire. 

But, he thinks to himself, if there are already light, what for Fire is needed?

Thus, he asked for another attribute. But this time, he choose by himself. He chose Chaos to be created.

But in Impthus' case, he accept for what he already became. The Creator had ask Impthus for a wish, but what he ever ask was only guidance from the Creator. The Creator had gave Impthus' a pair of wings that is larger and better than the one he already had, but Impthus' declined it. The Creator then offered Impthus Immortality, but Impthus asked that this attribute should also be given to Felenthur. Thus, both of them became immortal.
Impthus' sincerity was the purest of all, he sincerely wanted to be fair in all aspect with his beloved brother Felenthur.

'Impthus are fair and just. He never ask anything more than what he already had. His sincerity on every aspect of life, is unspeakable'

- Tidas, giving lecture to his students...


Athlran are a creature that really appreciates peace more than anything, and they hate those who desecrated the creations of the Creator. If they caught up in a battle, they surely find another way to prevent it from happening. But, battle with Felenthur will never gave them a chance to find an alternative way to prevent war from happening. Since Felenthur will always slay Impthus' messenger, there'll be always war happening between the Athlran and the Lannen.

To show further how much they love peace and would do anything to achieve it, Tidas had wrote in one of his book about how much the Athlran love peace;

Before Vintus could even start the battle upon the High Elves, Impthus with 2 other Athlran holding a white flag descent from the sky and land at the middle of the battlefield. 2 of the Athlran that hold the white flag walk towards Vintus and Lemer and gave them the white flag. Second after, Impthus told them to come near. Then Impthus ask them to shake hands and change each other flags. A moment after they exchange the white flag an engravings appears on the white flags that show 'This two are now friends'. Astonished by the miracle happened, both Vintus and Lemer returned to their kingdoms, and told the story to their kings. A few months later, Emperor Rethernas I and King Uvonter III meet, to sign a peace treaty and promise to protect each others back.

2 years after the peace treaty was signed, Lemer offered his beautiful daughter Gilraen to be married with Vintus. And then once again, Impthus himself attend the wedding with the brightest of light shone both brides.

'This is the most outstanding wedding ever in Ashantar, and I'm sure of it'

-Suhyl, said while standing in between his other two brother Suhym and Sufyn

Impthus' willingness to attend the wedding are nothing more, but to keep the peace agreement even stronger than before. 

Some even says, according to what they witness, the Athlran even sold their soul to demons just to keep peace soaring high. 


Since Impthus was given the High Heaven, he managed to make an army of the light. Their blade and armors were forged at the top of the High Heaven at Emeanor. The Athlran are rather unique. They only use the very essence of light itself to forge their equipments. The 

The Athlran are born directly from the brigthtest of light depending on their specific role. Thus, they doesn't need to be trained to do well on the battlefield, and once they are born from the very essence of light, they are ready to play their role on the High Heaven.

Warriors - Athlran backbone army are known as the Warriors. But, Felenthur decided to call them Angelings, as they are easily defeated by him. But, in the other hand, Imsir called them as the Spearhead, as they line forward to encounter their foes. The Warriors are equiped with full set of armor and a spear, instead of any other weapons. Their ability to fly makes them do well on initiating their enemy from above. 

Light Ray - We know them as an archer. That shoot arrow to kill their enemies. But, the Athlran call them as Light Ray. Their bow are especially made from light itself. Once they draw their bow, an arrow that made out of light appears. Since they can fly, they had the most advantage when it comes to ranged warfare.

'Who needs a mount, when you have a pair of wings?'

-Rigki, after he heard a story about the Athlran....


Located at the highest peak of the High Heaven was the angelic glorious city, known as Emeanor. Inside Emeanor were located one massive building. The building is the place for the Emeanor Council. Here, Impthus and the high ranking Athlran seat together to discuss the matter of the world. Emeanor High Council are consists of below;

  1. Impthus, the Luminous Justicar
  2. Mirzem, the Luminous Faith
  3. Farisur, the Luminous Obedience
  4. Asara, the Luminous Hope
  5. Ethelthus, the Luminous Gallantry
  6. Seremthus, the Luminous Splendor
  7. Liagrana, the Luminous Sanity
  8. Atersur, the Luminous Prudence

Other Athlran that are involved on the council;

Ibesur - He is one of the angel that guard the gate to the Great Table, where the councils discuss about the matter of world.

Yubesir - He stands beside Ibesur.

Tiagrana - She always stand beside Liagrana. 

Tudus - One of Impthus' elite escort. They never let Impthus out of their sight. He wear a black cape and a mask on.

Arus - One of Impthus' elite escort. They never let Impthus out of their sight. He wear a white cape and a cloak on.

Sasmarus - He is a messenger that deliver messages to anyone who Impthus sent to.

Yatherma - She was in charged on Yu'Madznikt expedition. She was slain by Ni'Zael, during the demon infiltration on the ancient archive.

Quesasur - He was given a responsibility to protect Prince Fendrel I, from a newly born baby, until he grew up as one of Ashantar mighty warrior.

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