First Impression: 

Many people know about Amazing Anhurique, she is a widely known figure in media. She has a number of successful pop music albums, a brief stint in genre 'low action' movies, and some impressive assets. In actuality, these are ownership and investment in several media corps, a virtual theme park franchise, several dozen residential developments, and a synth polyforge facility. Her other assets are her big hair and her large breasts.

Double Take:

Anhurique is a savvy businesswoman, and she has used heavy investment in philanthropy and economic long-term projects to build herself a platform. There are a lot of jokes about how she isn't very smart because she is so pretty. There are also hot takes about how she doesn't actually have any talent, just a pair of massive anti-gravity tits, and everyone is just obsessed with her physicality. Some of this is a smokescreen that her own people have worked to create or exploit, because Anhurique is a very smart woman, and while she does have large breasts, at the end of the performance day, they're detachable. They aren't real, in the slightest. She is a very cunning woman who came from a very rough and hard background and found a way to get her foot in the door of success and then used her charm and knockers to wedge it open.

Getting to Know Her:

Anhurique was born from a wastelander gene creche in the Confederation of Southern States in the Atlantic Federation. She was gene engineered to be tough both physically as well as genetically, because her and the rest of her clade were fully intended to work for RadConn (Radioactive Contamination} clean up. She spent a few years in the training center, a long-retired Mammoth dropship. She was never really a child, since the facility decanted her at the physical age of eight, gave her two years of development and training, and then she was suited up in a Prussian blue jumpsuit and rebreather and sent to the mud farms.

While working, she would sing.

This started attracting an audience, and the performances were streaming online.

RadConn was not pleased about this attention, because the RadConn mud farms and clean-up projects were government funded, and the vast majority of people had no idea that the workers in the blue jumpsuits were functionally slaves owned by the corp. When the songs about radiation poisoning, abuse of power from the RadConn officers, and literally slavery started ticking up, the corp attempted to remove her. One staged accident later, Anhurique was off the mud farm, but not in a bioreactor as they hoped.

A year later she would reappear on the CogNet, wearing a skin-tight body suit, her tits out like a two-prowed ice breaker, and he hair large enough to be seen from space. She played the guitar, she sang, and the audience was overwhelmed with the emotion of the performance. Within months, she was a celebrity, she had money flowing in, and singles flowing out.

She also had shadow ops run against her, and against the corp that handled her media. RadConn was no small fish, but a govt back clean up company has nothing on the cognicomm companies that are the great powers of the Cosmic Era. RadConn survived the reprisal but was restructured, reorganized, and resold. The slave camps were broken, several thousand mostly women were released, and a few dozen RadConn officers and officials would be sentenced to long-term incarceration and a few were made examples of, being sent to labor prisons off world.

Getting to Know All About Her:

Anhurique has a massive following and an incredibly dedicated fan club. Part of this is simply her personal charm, charisma, and a brutally savvy marketing team. The other part is that she takes husbands from the fan club. She has over six hundred husbands, thirty-four wives, and one hundred and seventeen partners.

There is no way this can actually work, one woman shared between that many men.

Can it?

It can, and it does.

Anhurique's first husband is the man who rescued her from the mud farm after her accident and carried her broken body to a black hospital where he paid for her to be saved. He was a wealthy and powerful man and was invested in cybernetics and robotics. After she was safe, he started a line of Anhurique bots. The units were highly popular and every slated production run was almost instantly sold out. There had to be a way to determine who really deserved one of the synth Anhuriques. And, Anhurique herself was concerned about how the units would be treated because she didn't want to escape slavery and turn around and put cyber-organic copies of herself right back into positions of human ownership.

So, if someone wanted a cybernetic clone of her, they had to earn it. They had to join the fan club, then they had to demonstrate their value as a person, moral and upstanding. If they did these things, if they made themselves into better people, she would give them one, but under a condition. To own an Anhurique synth, they had to marry her.

Now, Anhurique is the most married woman in history.

She has hundreds of children as well. The majority of her bots were granted to single men who climbed up out of negative backgrounds. The sons of rich and middle-income families were seldom if ever selected, married men were absolutely never picked. She wanted to use her likeness to improve the quality of life and demonstrate the value and importance of the then-considered quaint and antique nuclear family. This took men of conviction and character out of the bottom most levels of society, out of the slums and the geofronts, from the wastelands and the frontier, and gave them a purpose and a goal.

When they succeeded, she would send them a synth, and they would be legally wed.

Those who wanted families and proved they could do it were granted children. Anhurique would donate eggs to the creches, and the father would donate their sperm, and in a year or so, the husband and synth-wife would pick up their child. Her hundreds of children are biologically hers, and they are not legally considered clones, they are classified as freeborn human, with all associated rights and legal protections. The husbands and children are also considered her dependents, a highly useful thing for tax time.

What is in the Closet:

Anhurique is more machine than woman these days. After the accident, the damage combined with radiation exposure-related cancer, she had to undergo something just shy of a body replacement. She retained most of her organs, though a few are augmented, and a few were replaced with printed material. She has a Cromwell chassis and when she unhooks her cyberdermic tits, her torso looks like the internal framing of a suit of power armor with a softly luminescent sack inside. Her reproductive tract is gone, as is most of her GI tract. Her eggs were frozen, and she hasn't eaten solid food in years. Most of her nutrition comes from a nutrigel that is injected into her support system.

Her first husband owned a small but successful sexbot polyforge and used it and his medical access to restore her body. Despite being close to 70% machine, she still considers herself 100% a woman and human and refused to allow her losses to change anything. Using the creche, she had children with her first husband and even had a womb rig assembled so that she could attach a creche pod to her body so she could walk around and form a datalink with the fetus.

Anhurique has a major data node, and an associated AISC attached to it. The unit was delivered blank, and over the last few decades, she has been transferring her consciousness into the mainframe. The AISC is becoming Anhurique, and the plan is that eventually, when her remaining organic parts can no longer be replaced or rejuvenated, she will surrender her body, be made into a genome computer, and placed into the AISC, and will mind and spirit become an immortal intelligent supercomputing mainframe.

There have been previous attempts by the wealthy and powerful to transfer their brains into a giant computer with the expected existential horror. Anhurique thinks her plan will work because of one thing, she has a massive network of connections. The AISC is already linked to every Anhurique synth produced. At any time, she can link into the system, and then proxy through any of the machines, and she frequently does. In this configuration, she can be generally aware of all of them or focus on one. As she does this, she is both psychotronically programming the AISC, and preparing herself for the eventual merger. Through this system, she has personally spent time with all of her spouses, played with all of her children, and enjoyed the deep emotional benefits of having a large, harmonious, and happy family.

Financially, Anhurique has assembled her family into a decentralized zaibatsu. All the different cells are working together around an invisible framework, and for the most part, she maintains some space between them. It might be easy to bring all of the family units together, but that creates some potential difficulties. Boys and girls are going to mingle and experiment, and when all of your community members are half-siblings, that's genetically an undesirable position. There were also potential dangers of multiple men all having the same wife having some conflicting emotions, the last thing she wanted was for her husbands to be hostile or jealous towards one another.

Husband's Day is celebrated on April 15th, and it is fairly common for Anhurique's husbands to meet up for a sort of meet-and-greet cookout. There is general goodwill and most all the families get along. The kids play, and the men have the common ground of being married to functionally the same woman. As they bond, they further explore and understand their shared wife.

"It's like being married to a goddess. You sometimes forget that the woman back at home is a synthorganic biomachine, and that the real woman is somewhere else, her brain plugged into some crazy ass machine. Sure, I have a few hundred brother-husbands, but I can tell you what I actually have. I have a home, in a city. My food is delivered in boxes every week, I have a real shower, and I have a woman that fucks like a god, and three beautiful kids, two sons, and a daughter. Do you want to know what I had before? I lived in the shell of a big box store, fixing cargo mag-rails, popping tabs, and wondering if I had enough ammo to make sure no one was going to flip me and steal everything I had. I'll take it, I am happier than I have ever been. As far as I know, all the gangers I used to know are forgotten in the dust, or are still buried under some wreckage hoping the next storm doesn't wipe them out." - Garven, Husband 314

"Do I know Garven Nemenok? Of course I do. We've been married fourteen years, and I 'met him' when he did a service and rescue call on a delivery transport. The man had been part of the club for a year or so, and really by the metrics wasn't in consideration. He showed early, he was well prepared for dealing with a carry-all with a ruptured plasma cell and demonstrated the three things I deeply appreciate: competence, confidence, and compassion. He fixed the carry-all, he talked his way out of a confrontation with scavvers who were going to loot the ship without killing any of them, and when he was offered the bonus of intercourse with one of the synths, well, he was very much a gentleman and attentive to her needs. I wonder if he knew I was actively proxying through her? Either way, I was sold, and in two months my Garvey was working in a corp rail station, moved out of the wastes, and we were married. I wish I had more of him, and I was more than happy to make sure he got two sons instead of letting the genes fall where they would fall." - Anhurique

Putting it all Together

The Amazing Anhurique is a bubbly and vivacious woman who loves traditional family values, children, getting laid, and fighting to make things better, one person/family/child at a time. She came from a hideously broken background, being bred for hard labor, rad resistance, and docility, and ended up a pop music star and cultural avatar of an entire Federation nation-state. In the Confederation of Southern States, you might not be married to Anhurique, but you know someone who is, and you've likely benefitted from her economic activity (like her theme parks, her music, her streaming media, or any of the incredibly mundane corps and businesses she has ownership in)


Anhurique has seventy ex-husbands and two ex-wives.

How do you end up divorced from the superfamily?

Abuse of the synth.

Abuse of financial privileges, such as committing financial fraud or quitting all work to live off of the stipend.

Committing unjustified felonies. Three of Anhurique's husbands are in jail for what she feels were justified felonies. Thomas killed two men and was imprisoned for it. The court didn't care that he had deep emotional connections to a synth organic machine, and by all rights, the two men should have been allowed to damage and deface the unit and only face civil/financial repercussions. Anhurique has visited him in person several times, while he is incarcerated. He will have a special place in the security division of her operations when he is paroled. When Thimothee firebombed a Mister Hamburger because of them not giving him enough Boutine sauce, he had his daughter Emily repossessed by the Foundation, was divorced, and went to jail.

Personal growth, some men realized that they either were happier in their old life and request dissolution or through their own development and growth, realize that having a high-end expy wife was not quite the same as forming a singular monogamous relationship with another person. Those who grow she generally gives them a generous severance package, and then her blessing. Several of her ex-husbands have gone on to find normal wives and have normal families, and they were surprised when she actually showed in the flesh for their weddings. She is a sucker for weddings.


One of my personal favorite systems for building NPCs and characters is Longspeak's Organic NPCs. I really should tag him and his sub as much as I use it. Thank you, Longspeak.

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