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November 24, 2017, 11:39 am

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With mass produced manufactured food, adding flavor is a vital part of eating in the Cosmic Era

It is no great secret that food in the Cosmic Era isn't exactly great. It is full of questionable food sources, dietary horror, and mass production. The end product is a largely homogeneous food supply that is highly reliant on additives and flavorings to make it palatable enough to be consumed on a daily basis.

The Seven Sauces

The Seven Sauces are well known, and are a hallmark of favela and geofront communities. These seven colored sauces are added in different levels to food to create variety of flavors, and make the otherwise bland and repetitive mass produced industrial food more appealing. In high levels of society, the Seven Sauces exist, but in fancier forms, and as part of trademarked food lines.

White Sauce

White sauce varies from location to location, but is typically a Ranch/Dill/cucumber based flavor profile with a creamy salad dressing/mayonnaise texture. White sauce is popular paired with spicy dishes, or bland dishes, in both cases, the thick cream texture of the sauce shines.

Yellow Sauce

Yellow sauce is a strong tasting but not spicy sauce largely derived from mustard. It is commonly placed on bland foods to give them a non-spicy flavor, that is often tangy. Regional variations exist, and yellow sauce can range from electric yellow, to a grainy tan color.

Orange Sauce

Orange sauce is typically a thin sauce made from a vinegar and pepper base. It is slightly thicker than tradtional hot sauce, and is somewhere between vinegar hot sauce and a smooth salsa. It is popular on many foods because the heat of the sauce is a good counter for the often bland food produced.

Red Sauce

A thicker tomato based sauce, red sauce has a high degree of regional variation. It can be a mixture of ketchup, BBQ sauce, cocktail, or marinara and is generally a complementary sauce to whatever has been produced from the food station. Travelers can find Red Sauce to be intimidating, because there is no telling what it is actually going to taste like, other than being predominantly red and tomato based.

Black Sauce

Almost water, thin sauce is Umami flavoring suspended in liquid, and is generally soy sauce. In some regions, black sauce can have a more savory profile, where is is venturing into a more fish/Worcestershire sauce. Black sauce is very common.

Brown Sauce

Also known as Protein Sauce, Brown sauce is derived from the flavor profile of animal fats, and is in many ways more a gravy than a sauce. Brown sauces are popular with breads and bland protein products, as the plant and fungus derived proteins can be very bland, especially the cheap sources.

Green Sauce

Green sauce is a very herbal mixture. Where white sauce ventures into ranch and dill, green sauce ventures into mint and anise flavors. This pungent sauce is often paired with more gamey foods, where the herbal notes match the gamey notes, or they cover the staleness that can be common in older factory foods.

Author's Note: The Seven Sauces were inspired by an episode of Chopped, where one of the basket ingredients was Red and White Food Cart sauces, referencing a popular style of food cart in NYC. In a similar vein, the seven sauces are very common in the poor parts of the Cosmic Era, and a trundling food cart or kiosk could be noticed for it's racks of the seven sauces.

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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted Strolen
December 3, 2017, 8:47
I got the sauce.
No ketchup.
Just sauce.
Raw sauce.

Sorry, had to be done.

But I absolutely love the idea. Food is a vital thing in many stories/games so having something defined like this as a continuity and an indicator of culture is awesome.
Voted Aramax
December 13, 2017, 10:31
4/5 Nice fluff for CE.I love these kinds of CE "additives", just keep on creating background subs like this. One quibble. Don't you think there would be a big limitation on Tomatoes?
December 13, 2017, 11:54
Why would there be a limitation?

Do you think there are any tomatoes in it?
Voted Murometz
December 13, 2017, 10:42
Mmmmm seven sauces.



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