Full Item Description

This well crafted claymore is one of many made for the king's elite troops. It looks like any other at first glance. Upon first picking it you it is immediately clear that although the sword is nearly perfectly balanced, it's dimensions are just slightly larger then normal. Further inspection shows that it is one sixteenth thicker and about two and a half inches longer than it should be, but it only weighs just over a pound more than it should. Also evident upon close inspection is the many fine symmetrical seams that run through the entire weapon. The pommel is intricately carved with roughly 27 arcane sigils that seem to shift back and forth slightly.


Telimid was a soldier by profession, but an artificer at heart. Being a magic user in the field of battle often meant that you always had several others with you watching your back. Off the battlefield however it meant that he was distrusted, and despised. In fact many of his fellow soldiers wouldn't even talk to him outside of anything near combat. Telimid hated being enlisted in the kings army, but he loved even more the fact that he always had plenty of money to spend when it come to creating things.

After a year or two in the kings army the kings Telimid had gained a great deal of respect as a talented tinkerer. As soon as his word of him reached the king. The king sent an advisor to see if Telimid could help the kings elite soldiers take otherwise well defended strongholds. The advisor told Telimid that the king was looking for ways to sneak weapons into heavily guarded cities so that they could be conquered and the kingdom might once again be whole after two hundred years of warlords and wouldbe kings fighting over the land.

After many months of toil Telimid had created a tiny automaton of intricate clockwork with a thin. tight fitting shell of steal. The first set of claymores that he created for the king worked flawlessly right up until heavy combat. This led Telimid to augment the whole design with some light fortifying magic. The second set of blades worked perfectly as both a mobile automaton and as a blade the could cut through near any armor. Telimid even gave each blade a minor amount of intelligence so that it would be able to return to its owner on its own or wait until it was called through an amulet keyed to the sword.

The king was thrilled with the results and ordered Telimid to make one hundred and thirty more than were originally produced. After the kings entire group of elite soldiers were armed with the new claymores, it didn't take long before the opposing cities and stronghold began falling one by one.

Magic/Cursed Properties

Once given the command word or activated through an amulet around the wielder's neck, this finely crafted Claymore shifts it's form into a tiny humanoid automaton. The shift is made through a combination of fine clockwork engineering and magical enchantment. The animated sword can join with up to five other such swords to take the shape of a child of about 7 years. In such a form many of these weapons can be disguised and smuggled into many places. singularly the sword will change shape after its owner has been disarmed or calls for it, it will do everything in it's power to rejoin it's master in combat.

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