The Forest of Many Colors
The Tanwar forest has many colors of leaves, none of which are green. Reds, golds, silvers, whites, and other colors abound, even the rare black leafed tree can be found if an explorer looks long enough.

Silver Needle Spruce
A majestic and noble tree, the Silver needle spruce has needles that have a glossy, almost metallic silver color. The wood is similarly pale. Silver Spruce wood is valued for making wooden handles for tools, eating ware, and small carvings.

Redleaf Elm
The color of blood in cool weather, the flash of fire at sunset, the blush of a lover's cheeks, all of these colors can be found on a Redleaf Elm. Like a traditional elm, the wood is of middling quality and it produces no edible fruit. However, the leaves can be pulped and soaked in a certain solutions to produce a valuable red dye.

Gold Oak
A lord of the trees, golden oaks grow to great size and have leaves that range from bright yellow to metallic gold. There is no actual gold in the leaves, merely the color. The golden acorns have a bright metallic sheen, as does any bread made from acorn flour.

Black Poplar
Rare among trees, the black poplar unfurls leaves the color of bruises and midnight. The wood is similarly dark and is often known as shadeoak, nightbeam, and other colorful names. The tree follows the movement of the moon, rather than the sun.

An Oddity
The Tanwar forest sits in a special place where fae magic has long eddied, mixing harmoniously with wood and earth aspected natural essence. The seeds and cones of the trees here only produce mundane trees if planted outside the boundaries of the Tanwar forest. Within the forest, they retain their whimsical colors and hues. Outside seeds can be planted, and while the first generation of trees will retain their green color, their offspring will gain a new color within the Tanwar.

A Greater Purpose?
Tanwar serves no arcane master, no mighty faerie lord resides in the otherwise fae wood. In essence, it is a quiet place that makes someone go Whoa when they stumble across it. To prevent it being massively exploited and chopped down to make furniture and axe handles, it is in a remote location, and the hint of fae magic in the very wood has some mild magic effects. Axes dull twice as fast, cut trees grow back quickly, paths twist and turn without notice, and the rest of a magical forest's bag of non-lethal tricks. There could also very well be some druids and rangers who have decided to protect the place as a sacred grove to remain unspoiled.

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