Z'Pl'rt the Mad was by any measure, a lunatic. The man created more strange magical items, useless spells, and lets be honest, garbage than a guild of mages could hope to throw away in a generation.

Wonder and Blunder Weapons

Z'Pl'rt the Mad was a man obsessed with transmogrification and alteration spells. Most of his work dealt with turning X into Y regardless of the consequences or permissions involved. During the early part of the Nimzian wars, Z'Pl'rt was contracted to create a demoralizing weapon to be hurled by trebuchets into the ranks of enemy soldiers. There were already bombs that turned water into acid and corpses into ravenous zombies but there was something more that was needed. At that time Nimz was winning and had plenty of coin to waste on even dumb ideas. Z'Pl'rt (Zelnick Kelsinko at that point) worked for almost a month on his latest diversion into the realm of the bizarre creating a moving picture book that displayed various women dancing with and without clothing before starting on his work with the Nimzian project. He spent roughly three days on the effort, basically weaponizing an alchemical compound he had concocted nearly a year earlier.

Zelnick's Dust of Gender Swapping

This reddish gold dust was perfected while Zelnick was obsessed with women's clothing, jewelry and the phenomenon of perfectly rational men showering gifts and attention on women they could not hope to have. A dose of the dust would turn a man into a woman, or a woman into a man for the span of roughly an hour. If it was doubled in strength and consumed the effect lasted close to a day. After spending a good deal of time accepting the oddity of women's undergarments, manly behaviour towards women and most definately discovering his hererosexuality Zelnick abandoned the dust to his catalog of experiments completed.

Effects of Dust of Gender Swapping:

Man to Woman:

  • 25% Decrease in Strength Stat
  • 10% Increase in Stamina/Constitution Stat
  • 25% Increase in Dexterity Stat
  • 25% Decrease in Charisma/Appearance stat

Men turning to women lose a good deal of weight and height as well as respective statistical changes. The decrease in Charisma and appearance are based off of the fact that putting female plumbing on a male mind doesn't make a pretty or convincing woman. The man still acts and thinks like a man, forgetting things that women have taken for granted since they were children. The stat decrease is also associated with the fact that the typical man is heterosexual and in a female bosy is still a heterosexual man. This tends to make interaction with other men strange, stressed or outright hostile.

Woman to Man:

  • 25% Increase in Strength Stat
  • 20% Decrease in Dexterity Stat
  • 10% Decrease in Charisma/Appearance Stat

Women turning into men have a much easier time dealing with the body shift. While there are certain changes in the expected areas these changes aren't nearly as distracting for them. Having spent years as the 'weaker sex' having greater strength is something most enjoy. The change in center of gravity does throw them off balance a good bit, as does the increase in height and weight. Women can adjust to this quicker than most men adapt to having lady breasts. Their decrease in charisma is less than that of a man since women have a larger deal of experience with not being as openly spoken and concerned with their own reputation and appearance.

Dropping the Bomb

The first time the T/S Bombs were used it was considered the strangest day of the war. The first volley of projectiles landed and exploded, spewing dust everywhere. Dozens of enemy soldiers were hit, and the cloud covered several hundred more. The transformation caused some alarm as the men found their armor much too large and their strength decreased. Panic ensued through the enemy formations as they realized what had been done. To this day, a common Nimzian insult involved grabbing at the crotch and making a loud URG! noise. This was a common horrified responce among the enemy soldiers as they all discovered their manly man parts had suddenly become lady gardens.

The conflict slowed and stopped. The enemy soldiers, some falling out of their armor retreated. This caused chaos in the enemy camps as the soldiers, long deprived of female contact (aside from those weathered and battered army following prostitutes) were innundated with over 200 lasses. The Nimzians, unprepared for this sort of thing found it difficult to fire their crossbows at 'women' who were clearly hysterical and trying to run away. There are horror stories from the enemy camps of the 'women' being captured as a Nimzian trick. Abuse was rampant, and since combat had drawn to a halt, many of the soldiers had time to take their leave of the newfound women.

The next morning the enemy soldiers were easily beaten back, their formations splintered by Nimzian cavalry and crossbowmen. Their fighting spirit had been broken,as many of their finest frontline warriors had spent the night as the victims of their comrades, and more than one soldier discovered what happened when the effects of the dust wore off while the victim was in the act non-consensual coitus.

Aftermath of the Bomb

That round of battles soon ended, and it couldn't be too soon for either side. The Nimzians, though winning, were in a tough spot logistically and needed supplies and breathing room. A temporary truce was negotiated, and the bomb was discussed by the emissaries for both sides. As the effects of the weapon became realized to both sides two things were decided. The first issue was that the T/S bomb wouldn't be used again. While it was effective as a terror weapon, the after effects were considered beyond cruel and unusual. Many fine soldiers were unable to fight after the effects of the bomb, some were nobles who were so deeply affected that they retired from conflict entirely, while more than one opted to commit suicide rather than face the consequences of their actions, some who had been affected by the bombs, and some who had taken advantage of victims of the bombs.

Plot Hooks:

A T/S Bomb has been found and was used by a radical faction (druids versus woodcutters, Guildsmen versus Theives, Brothels versus the Clergy) resulting in a social panic in a major city. The PCs are brought in to find the culprits of this event, bring them to justice and make sure that if any more bombs survive they are destroyed. (The PCs should find that the men turned into women are much more affected than the reverse, especially if the setting is more true to history with women having fewer rights than men)

A Group of female adventurers have dismantled a T/S Bomb and use it to periodically turn themselves into men. No one knows who these guys are, but they know the local area and instead of wenching, getting drunk, and getting into fights with each other, they show up, kick butt, collect their reward and vanish. (I see a group of heroes based off of popular female characters gender swapped, such as Katniss Everdeen, Hermione Granger, and Princess Peach kicking butt and taking names)

This submission brought to you by Final Fantasy 7, Beer, and Cherry Rum. Thank you and good night.

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