This weapon appears in forms ranging from a simple fisherman's tool, often just a rock or heavy knot (a monkey's fist or something similar) at one end, and a loop, ring, or bar to hold onto at the other end; to the weapon it's used as in modern day Asian martial arts, consisting of a weighted end connected to a spike by a strong, fine chain. The weapon is roughly 6-9 feet long.

This weapon, due to it's origins as a fisherman's tool, would qualify as a peasant's weapon, and because of this, one could hide it's purpose as a weapon if one was entering certain 'weaponless' towns or cities, or if one was going before nobility. Of course, in the later case, one might have to figure out a way to disguise the Surujin as jewelry.

In combat one can use the weighted end to attack the opponent directly, or use it to entangle or ensnare the opponent and use the other end to either punch or stab at the now disabled opponent. One of the advantages of using a long chain/rope weapon such as this is that, if the attack is blocked by a sword or shield, the weapon will still continue it's motion and either wrap itself up around the item used to block, or hit the person regardless of the obstacle.

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