Full Description
The surtur are the closest to the original mentality of the giant race. They are red skinned and fair haired, the sun nearly bleaching their hair white. They usually have their hair cut shoulder length but keep their head covered in cloth wraps to keep their face and head cool form the desert heat. They have very poor daytime vision. They prefer to travel at night, but they hunt only during the day when their prey is most active. At night they can see up to 40’ in near total darkness.

They have stayed on in their forsaken home as penance for their ancestors faults. They travel the desert in nomadic tribal families in search of Ammath, their mothers’ ancestral home. The ruins of Ammath lay somewhere in the sands of the Etolin Desert and the surtur are bent on finding it to unlock their history and their future. It is said among their tribal shamans that should they find Ammath, the cousins shall unite once again into one family and take back what was rightfully theirs. When that happens, the Onnikkuka shall begin and the giant races will again be the Kadinhool and will walk the land and cleanse it and reclaim it as their own.

Of the giant races, the surtur are the most malicious. Not in a sense of enjoyment, but they are strict and brutally structured. They see the world as having been taken from them, stolen from the gods they once worshiped. The dark veil has been lifted from their eyes and they see the truth for what it was and what it should be. They follow the calling of Sceleris and her infinite wisdom, knowing that she speaks the truth of the past that their ancestors were split apart so that the infidel races could walk in their place could rule the land in their stead.

In their society, the strong rule and survive. They have no time to wait for the weak or carry them on their shoulders. The life expectancy of the surtur is a heartbeat compared to that of their kin. They can live to be about a hundred years old but on average they live to about sixty years. This is because of their harsh lifestyle. They will hunt the sandstalker in threes and fours, but if a surtur wants to make a name for themself, they hunt one alone. Usually if a warrior can hunt and kill a sandstalker alone they can challenge the ruler of their tribe for status. This fight for leadership is to the death.

Additional Information
They average at be about fifteen feet tall and are an imposing site to see even when relaxing. They do not like outsiders, but respect fortitude and resilience. While they do not like the Lemieans personally, they silently give them honor for their ability to survive in the harsh desert were others would fail and leave. They will not open trade with them, and instead sweep in to raid their villages and caravans, but they do respect them for survivors.

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