The Stones District was once outside of town. Though the town gave it a wide berth, it eventually surrounded it.

All the path markers and various walls that face the district are covered with appropriate symbols of power to keep 'Those of the Stones' in. There are a few chapels in the district, all to make worship, dedication, and interment easier. A few family final homes as well.

The Stones are all marker stones for the Dead and somewhat Dead of the area. Given the local traditions, they are quite artistic in execution... more than a mere name, date, an deity dedicated too. There are statues and carved reliefs of deities, loved ones, totem animals, heraldic devices, and more. The local laws limit the size of each marker (based on social class). However, the local craftsmen can make the most of the restrictions.

The mausoleum and crypts are similarly limited. However, it only pertains to their upper dimensions. The underground dimensions are unlimited, as long as they stay within the district and put no other final resting at risk.

While the district has a park like appearance in the day, it is deceiving. Anyone with even a touch of the gift feels the 'detached' feeling, an odd coldness during the night, the parklike appearance evaporates leaving a maccabe festival of shadows, spirits, and cold.

Note all rituals and layings are done during the day, nobody alive likes to go there during the night

While a spirit or restless dead are sometimes seen here, everyone knows the stones are not right. Rumor has it that there are mausoleum that connect to other places... places that the living should no go... to the necropolis.

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