Made from the heart wood of a tree on the tallest lip of a volcano, this staff was crafted to give the weilder complete control over all elements. The Fire from the volcano, the Wind from the breezes on high, the Earth that it stood strongly upon, and the Water that nourished it.

The great wizard Gastic prepared the heart wood, taking years out of his life to soak it in rare waters, polish it with blessed soil, dry it with the finest of winds, and use the gentlest touch of fire to inscribe intricate incantations upon it.

Gastric had just finished his day's work of preparing the enchanting altar when his nieghbor's wife came knocking on the door. She wanted to let him have some of thier fresh radishes for his dinner and wouldn't go away untill she could get in and snoop about. He finally shoed her off but insisting he enjoyed the radishes raw, and ate half a dozen right in front of her. She was so pleased she ran home with the promise to return bright in the morning with more. Gastric decided he couldn't waste all the next day waiting for her to knock when he had incantaions to speak during the full moon, so he decided to rush it a bit and speak them right then while the full moon had just risen.

He began the incantation, then began feeling some movment inside. Trying to work through the distraction, it became pain. To stop now would release all the energies he had put into the staff, all his spell casting power, and it would take at least a decade, if ever, for him to regain his powers. The pain increased, but still Gastric spoke the words. At the very last moment of the spell, he spoke the words to define what the powers would be shaped into, but broke wind.

Gastric watched, horrified, as the strong and mighty staff bent and twisted, curling in on itself and oozing foul stenches. The pure heart wood grain darkened to a sickly, muddy color, and the gnarled staff became coated in a slimy sheen. All Gastric's magical prowess was now locked into this mishapen form.

Magical Properties:

Though the tragedy drove Gastric to become a hermit, the staff does retain great power.

At any time while the staff is held, the wielder of the staff can choose one target to give a painful case of gas to. The gas can be mildly discomforting up to disabilitating pain, but the wielder suffers the same pains as the target. This pain is magical, and no force short of a god's intervention (good luck with that) will ease the suffering.

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