Steamery is a type of learning, like Magery and Lettery (Magic of Written words, Scholarly works), akin to Alchemy which combined elements of the two. It is considered a type of magic, the use of the four basic elements to produce 'magical' power.

This was invented by a Dorius of Alchantar, a mage of little skill for conventional magery. That was his strength, as he created a type of magic unknown before this time.

Steamery is akin to Alchemy, as it takes material objects in special proportions, following mystic rules, to create effects. It utilizes one primary alchemical rule (Fire folded into Water, anchored by Earth/Metal, to produce Air). By changing elements of the equasion, often time how it is anchored by Earth/Metal, new effects can be produced.

The production of Air from Water (the base element in Steamery) can be utilized to produce material energies, most notably conversion of destructive fire (fire type fire) to motion (air type fire). It is utilized to make a variety of steamery items. Note it is a magic, as items tend to be idiosyncratic, with many uncontroled but intuitively accepted elements. (The early days of steam were so like this... sometimes it explodes, sometime it does not...) So each Steam Coven works together to produce works, and jelously protects its steamery from other Steam Covens. Eventually this will all change, but given its magery and alchemical roots of individual study and jelous protection of secret... it will not be soon.

So there are a number of items..

Steam Blasters: Compressed Steam used as a castle defense.

Steam Cannon: Compressed steam to catapult stones against castle walls

Steam Ram: The ram itself, containing steam flies forward. Sometimes used as a ram, but other times two of them are launched in approximate tandem to carry nets, chains, and lines across fields. Some of the rams have wings to increase their flight time and the quality of their flight. There are talks of manned Steam Rams

Steam Arm: Compressed air to throw bolts a longer distance than any crossbow.

Steam Bellows: Steam moves a bellows, cools the smoke of a forge, and helps one create a better product.

Steam Looms: Steam empowered looms, allowing for faster and easier prodution.

SteamBrewer: A unique item. While it only minimally utilizes steam, it accesses the alchemical formula of steamery to make better draught/ beer. Newer versions are creating new drinks (distillation). There are TeaBrewers that utilize steam to push incredibly hot water through tea leaves to produce a supposedly better brew.

Steam Wagon: Steam moves a wagon. While not yet practical for commercial use, it is useful for military production when a catch grill or harvesting attachment. (It will become a farm tool eventually).

Steam Wheel: A full scale one has yet to be created, but it would be a spinning paddle/ turbine arrangement to move a ship over water. So far, the engines are too heavy to be supported by boats.

Steam Pump: Utilized in mines to suck out water, allowing better access to the coal or grimrock used to power most steamery. Other mining tools utilizing steam are being developed. The Dwarventi are very interested in this new turn of steamery.

Steam Caravan: (Train): Steam Wagons are notably difficult to control. The use of a special roadway using either raised rails or lowered stone grooves relieves the driver of any special need. The Steam Caravan is a Steam Wagon which pulls a tender (fuel and water car) and a number of carriages for goods and people. While the first one created was a noble's toy to travel to and from their castle, new ones moving goods across distances are being built.

Steamery has expanded a little, utilizing other alchemical rules in the same general family of alchemical rules. (Clockworks are begining to be developed. This is in line, as the uniformity of parts needed by steam workers pushed for more precision in production... helped in the development/ expansion of clockworks).

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