Calvinus was one of the finest sculpters known to history. While he created many an exceptional piece of historical figures, he is best known for his 'inspired' pieces - pieces he created out of his own memory. He said he would go into his studio alone, then just 'bang out' a piece without break. This process explains his prodigeous output. There are several dozen exceptionally lifelike women (and a few men). Most are beautiful and scantily clothed, but his 'Old Washer Woman' is a master piece. Many countries consider Statues by Calvinus to be national treasures.

Since the statues are listed in the Garage Sale from Hell thread and has a 'villanous' subcategory, you know something must be wrong with them. Calvinus was a highly ranking Evil Cultist. He had to provide his masters with soul energies so he could continue to create. After a few odd deaths to produce several exceptional works, he discovered how to kill two metaphoric birds with one real stone. He learned a charm to 'freeze' a person, eventually turning them to stone. Once initially hit, he would have some time to pose and even redress them (if they were not already posing for him). When the petrification process was over, their souls would be bound, to be given over to his master. (He might also do some touch up on the statue... after all things too real and without tool marks would be obviously become a problem).

Follow Up
Instead of Calvinus being dead, he could still be alive. Though he might be far away from you, as the statues do travel.

His petrificiation charm might be bound in an innocuous piece of stone. Thus freeing up his own personal energies for more Evil Work. It could be floating around somewhere.

Also he might not of had time to sacrifice his last victim. The soul of this petrified victim might be haunting his last piece, their ex-body.

All has the makings of a good scenario in one place.

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