In the event of Spider City, and antagonist will have access to a large pool of resources, allowing him to equip his minions (see Spider City Bestiary for more) with the sundry equipment available, including the bulk of readily available weapons, vehicles, power armors industrial, light, and military, and so forth. The arsenal represents technology reserved to the antagonist as it is of his own creation and he brings the plans with him, and uses captured polyforges and auto-assemblers to make these weapons and gear for his minions, and uses them to build more arachnotrons for his forces.


A SPYDER sleeve is a specially made encounter suit that has pheromone emitters woven into it allowing the wearer to not be harassed, molested, or murdered by spiders. These sleeve suits are commonly worn by the allies of the antagonist so they don't end up as spider chow, otherwise they are normal encounter suits of middle to low quality. Elite agents would have access to higher value sleeves, and are equipped accordingly. To make them different from normal suits, SPYDER sleeves have an orb weaver pattern web across the torso.


SPYDER suits are light power armor suits worn over a SPYDER sleeve, and give the wearer light armor protection, a modest boost in strength, and have the ability to mount additional sets of exo-frame arms, up to four extra. The neurofeedback system (links at the base of the skull and back of the neck) allows for innate control over the arms. These can be used for climbing, carrying, hand to hand combat, or have an arm replaced with a dedicated support item hardpoint style.

Super SPYDER suit

A conventional suit of power armor, the SS has full armor protection, as well as the ability to mount multiple arms on torso hardpoints. These are resource intensive and take more time to make, so are accordingly rare in the arsenal. They can carry powered melee weapons, mount heavy versions of spider specific weaponry, and otherwise ruin a perfectly good day.

ARC-2R Arachnid

The ARC-2R is a 35 ton eight legged arachnotron pattern mech. It has advanced mobility function, and the abdomen functions as a transport section for special forces, or several tons of spiders. These are almost never seen come to fruition given the time and resources required for a polyforge to be commandeered long enough to completely build one. If completed, Arachnids have stealth system, active camo abilities, enhanced sensors, silenced movement, and heat diffusion technology. In a built up urban area they are virtual invisible. Thankfully, they are poorly armed, and more often used as high speed transports and escape vehicles than combatants.

Grapnel System

The Grapnel system is an advanced mobility system that uses a magnetic launcher to fire grapnel lines, and an electric reel and pulley system to allow for the use to swing between buildings, through large open spaces, and rappel up and down buildings with ease. The weight of the system and it's power pack limit it's use to SPYDER suit wearers. Some grapnel users will use the system offensively, shooting an opponent with a grapnel to drag them into the air, over a steep drop, or otherwise compromise their position.

Grapnel Gun

The Grapnel Gun is a one-shot weapon that fires a grapnel line into the ground near the use and at whatever it is aimed at. Once planted on both ends, a motor inside the gun pulls the gun up the line, and the user so long as they can hold onto it. This is used as an advanced mobility option for special forces outside of Spider City, but was very quickly adopted by the antagonist of the scenario. Foes can use these to escape a bad situation, launch ambushes, or offensively, bracing themselves and shooting a foe with it, dragging them towards the gun user as well as likely inflicting a nasty stab and drag wound in the process.

Grapnel Bracer

A hold-out/emergency version of grapnel tech, the bracer is a short range low strength system that allows an unarmored user to zipline out of a bad spot, disarm a foe, or perform a desperate mini-grapnel strike to an opponents exposed face or vitals. This is hard on the user as their arm and shoulder has to support their entire weight, and sometimes even a successful use can cause dislocation of the shoulder, or break bones in the arm.

Net Launcher

A low rate of fire non-lethal weapon, the Net launcher fires a weighted net to hinder the movement of a foe. They are one shot weapons and have to be reloaded between firings. They can immobilize weaker opponents, and snarl the movements and actions of larger foes. A power armor trooper who has had their gun and arms tangled up in a net has to free themselves from it before they can start shooting. These are large and heavy weapons, but are cheap and easy to make. Their inconvenience factor is really only exploitable in a hostile situation such as in a precarious place of conflict, like around open top chemical vats, metal foundries, around metal shredders and crushers, or where there are environmental foes like lots of spiders waiting for a foe to become immobilized, even if it is just temporary.

Goo Guns

Goo Guns are just squirt guns that are equipped with a stringy sticky agent that adheres to whatever it hits and becomes an elastic entanglement element. While more complicated than net launchers, goo guns require chemical agents to be removed, making them useful for fouling armor, binding weapons with many moving parts, bringing down autons, immobilizing human foes, possibly causing blindness or suffocation, seizing up doors, wheels, legs, rotors, air intakes, and pretty much anything else. Goo Guns range from personal pistol sized gats to more common rifle/super soaker models, and the most effective hardpoint mounted power armor sized blasters. A SPYDER suit with a grapnel system and a pair of goo guns can ruin a lot of people's days in a brisk an efficient manner.

Heavy Goo Gun

Specifically made for the Arachnid Mech, and retrofitted to large arachnotrons, the heavy goo gun fires several gallons of goo at a time, and can be used to plaster a power armor trooper to the ground or foul the movement and workings of a mech. They can also be used in static positions where their ability to immobilize things can be used to form walls out of the bodies of attackers. A power armor trooper who is fully encased in goo is forced to use their internal life support, meaning that they have a limited amount of time to be released from the goo before they suffocate.

The Fang

A Fang is a spear shaped melee weapon designed to punch through light, synthetic, and commercial armor and deliver a squirt of chemical payload. A Fang can be equipped with specific poisons, paralytics and neurotoxins are popular, corrosives or enzymes are fun, or even a pouch of spider eggs waiting to be incubated to hatch inside a host. This weapon system can be made as small as a one stab one squirt dagger, a 3-5 round spear, or when mounted on power armor, a heavy piercing weapon with a large reservoir to draw on.

Fang Launcher

A Fang Launcher is a grenade launcher that has been modified to fire a dagger sized Fang. This gives the weapon a high penetration value, but if it doesn't hit it's target, it likely shatters against whatever it hits. If it doesn't score a critical versus an armored foe, it shatters against the armor. Otherwise it inflicts double normal piercing damage, plus releasing whatever chemical is loaded into it.


The Spider-Biter is a low velocity conventional firearm that fires a 'spider round' munition. This is actually a micro-spider robot that has a short battery life, 30 to 60 seconds, to start burrowing through whatever it hits seeking out anything warm with a steady rhythm. People shot with spider-biters will have a robot spider attempt to burrow through their flesh until it either hits their heart, or it's battery is expended. If the shooter scores a critical hit, it is assumed the round penetrated an armored target and works as normal. If a shot hits but doesn't crit against an armored foe, the round is destroyed on impact and likely inflicts no damage.

Heavy Spider-Biter

Like the Fang Launcher, the Heavy Spider-Biter is a modified grenade launcher that fires a 40mm spider bot. The heavy version is intended for use against armor, and not to penetrate it, just to get on it. Once fired, the EM sensors of the spider-biter will lead it to the nearest source of EM radiation and to explode inside of it. This can mean climbing into the barrel of a hot plasma gun, the thermal exhaust of a power armor suit, a sensor cluster on a light mecha, or any sort of electronic machinery that the user decides to shoot at. These are remarkably versatile weapons, considering that they are only semi-guided, and non-intelligent. Considering that most of the forces of Spider City are organic in nature, these are even unlikely to be involved in friendly fire incidents.

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