The Eye-Borg is a spherical cybernetic body that relies on a miniature A-pod to float and move around as a surprisingly quick speed. The chassis is typically dominated by a large central high definition optical sensor, or eye. The orb shaped body will have a number of manipulator arms, typically equipped with a variety of mini-tools, and manipulators. Most Eye-Borgs are fully intended for observation and recon purposes, so it is not uncommon for them to have additional eye-stalks, equipped with any of a large number of cyber-eyes.


Eye-Borgs were originally created as monitors for high security remote locations. Their mobility and large number of sensors allow them to inspect across multiple areas of the EM spectrum. The original Eye-Borgs were just robots, floating around and pinging back to their home bases. Later, human brains were added. The first were organic memory cores, and these proved to be superior to the base bot versions, and later, volunteers were implanted into the chasses, becoming true eye-cyborgs.

The personality profile for eye-borgs is limited, most come from voyeuristic backgrounds, people who are much more inclined to be observers, and otherwise not actually interact with their environments. Later eye-borgs were made from criminals and other people who were given the option to convert onerous prison sentences into life in a life as an eye-borg.


Eye-Borgs are a very small group of cyborgs, typically relegated to life on the offworld colonies, the further from the legal and administrative hub that is Earth the better. The majority have been created by the Anunnaki, and by unscrupulous corporations who have similar offworld facilities. They make use of the enhanced observation capabilities of the eye-borgs in their science, intel gathering, and other operations. Many deep space ships and stations find the self propelled orbs useful for ship maintenance and repair, they can handle very minor work, but more importantly, they move easily in space, and are great for inspecting hulls, engine tubes, the exterior of structures, and being slow but very smart probes.

Para-military versions function like armed drones, and many of the eye attachments are replaced with small lasers, squirt guns, and other exotic and strange weapons.

Gzemnid Core and Mother Core

These two systems are considered the most important to the development of the Eye-Borgs and the blooming of Eye-Borg culture. The Gzemnid Core, located on Iapetus was created from nerve tissue harvested from Zenector's cranium. This tissue was used to create an enormous Organic Memory Core made with teratomorph scale parts. Gzemnid eventually became self-aware and sentient, but heavily monitored and controlled, and then released into the atmosphere of Saturn. It cannot escape, but it can communicate with Iapetus, and with the Cykranosh facility.

Mother Core is currently located on Callisto in a UAC tech facility and functions as it's overseer. To this end 'she' has had a large number of eye-borgs created, and has insisted on most if not all of them being armed. They are used for gathering resources, patrolling, and otherwise being the 'citizens' of 'her' installation. The current plan for the Z3-B35 installation is creating a pocket fleet of orb craft and other weaponry to act as a potential check on seibertronian activity on Ganymede.

These two super eye-borgs are pushing the creation of more eye-borgs, the full range of robotic, organic core, and human brain implants.


Casual - Eye-borgs can be used as background color, just another strange shaped robot/cyborg in a setting full of strange figures.

Specific - eye-borgs are good spies, patrol members, and so forth. They will tend to be divorced from human biological concerns and matters. They can also have robust and vibrant digital lives where they live much more normally than inside their steel sphere case.

Adversary - they are cybernetic beholders, arm them appropriately.

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