The basic squicken has 3 legs. One in the front, with two legs located in the back of it's bird-like body. Squickens do not have wings, they have 2 arms that end in small hand like appendages with 3 fingers and 2 oppossable thumbs. Squickens sport the reagal and soft feathers like that of a chinese silkie Instead of a bird like face, squickens have a face that is very mammal like. An oval shaped head with large rounded ears and a feral snout, their mouths even in a relaxed state always seem to be smiling. The Squickens have large bulging luminous green eyes that do not appear to have any eyelids. However, this is not true. Squickens do have eyelids the close diagonally instead of horizontaly, eyes retreact into their skull briefly when blinking. Squickens have light, hollow bones like birds.
An adult male squicken stands roughly 4 feet tall. Male squickens are black and sport a multihued elaborate tail similar to a peacock.

An adult female squicken stands roughly 5 feet tall and are a reddish brown hue. They have short less elaborate tails that sport dark brown and black plumes.

Squicken offspring - Squeakers have downy fur like feathers that molt within their first year. During this time a Squeaker will give the appearance of having mange.

White Squickens are very rare, extremely vicious and more carnivorous than the others. A white Squicken can be either male or female and are insane.

Squickens are solitary animals. Preferring to live alone and not in troops or flocks. Once a year the squickens will swarm swamp like regions for the purpose of breeding. After mating the female will lay her eggs and covers them with debris such as moss and other rotting materials. This will help incubate the eggs. It takes 28 days , from the time they were laid to the time they hatch. A squeaker only needs it's mother for 3 days, after that it can forage for it's self.

Squickens eat vegatation, small bugs and will on ocassion be carrion eaters.

Squickens are very territorial and almost violent to anything passing through their area.

Squicken territorries extend for several miles. They prefer forest regions with low shrubs and swamp like conditions.

Additional Information
Squickens are the kleptos of the animal kingdom.

Shiny objects. Squickens are drawn to anything that sparkles. It is known that travelers have been attacked in the past. kniock to the ground and their pockets and pouches sifted through by the squicken until it finds what it wants. Sometimes it is a necklace or a piece of armor that catches their eye. Squickens are profficient at rolling seasoned travelers to steal their armor.They are also extremely fast, hitting their target, taking what they want, and fleeing before their victim knows what hit them. And then the squicken will retreat making hooting sounds of joy, like monkeys.

Squickens keep their shiny objects in small clearing so that they might sit and watch the sun sparkle off of their horde. Over time dirt and debris will cover the treasures and the squicken will wander off in search of new shiny objects. it is not unusual to find clumps of jewels, silverware and other shiny objects to be found under rotting piles of leaves and feathers within squicken territory.

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