Full Item Description

The Soulblade resembles a rapier but the blade is longer and thicker. The hilt is star-shaped and is two handed like bastard sword. At the pommel there is a small chain dangling losely. The end the chain looks broken. Along are several runes connecting in a beautiful pattern.


Sandar the smith was formerly a mage but upon meeting a beautiful woman he decided to end his strenious life as magician and become a smith to support his future wife. He became one of the main supplies of swords for an ongoing war in his kingdom.

Much because of his reputation as a magician the soldiers believed that they would be protected by his craftmanship. Unfortunately the tides of war turned and fire and brutality washed over his homeland. Being an important smith he becames a target for assasination by the enemy forces.

The enemy attacked his smithy and failed to end sandar's life, his wife however was killed by an stray arrow. The peaceful Sandar refused to live on in solitude and picked the sword bracing in his furnace and stabbed himself trough the heart.

The assasins presumed he was dead and left the village. But the once great magician Sandar discovered that he was not dead. His soul had been bound with the heated metal of the blade.

Nobody knows where Sandar is today, or if he is still alive. But rumors sweep the land of the mysterious blade now called a Soulblade. It has had many owners since Sandar tried to kill himself. But where it is no-one knows.

Magic/Cursed Properties

A sword that stores the identity of the wielder. To transfuse the soul to the blade, one must first stab himself through the heart. The person will not die, but lose the freedom of the soul upon real death.

The blade now hosts soul and will if not controlled suck the lifeforce out of the wielder, making him weak. But the curse can also be turned to a bleesing. As the life energy is stored, the blade accumulates power to hand out devastating blows.

The challenge of finding the Soulblade is only matched by the courage it takes to stab oneself. For all intent and purposes the blade could turn out to be a dud, killing yourself.

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