Filename: Sir. Lancelot Williams

Morphology: Standard Human

Race: Dutchman

Sex: Male

Current Age: 28

Occupation: Knight under the service of King Arron Smith.

Current Residence: William Family Castle in the City of Hamptonshire.

Faction/s: Knights of King Arron.

Background: Born and raised by Sir. Harris William and Lady Rosalind William, this is the only legitimate son and was made into a Knight to the family could retain their title and holdings. He has always had a fear of getting wounded in combat and has thus avoided all situations that might get him into any kind of fight. How that came about, we currently do not know.

He wanted to take up smithing but due to the situation of being the only legitimate son, this was not possible. Most people know him as a timid man but always willing to lend assistance as long as he doesn't have to raise a weapon against someone who is skilled. However people are starting to suspect that he might not answer the call to battle whenever it comes.

Not wanting to have his son and thus his family disgraced for raising a coward, his father went to the Guild of Technomancers for help. They gave his son a prototype suit of platemail armor that is connected to an Intelligent Combat Assistant AI called METATRON. We don't know exactly how this AI works except that it has extensive knowledge on the art of war.

Somehow this suit of armor is not only building his confidence in the face of the enemy but also making him extremely skilled at fighting with many different types of weapons. What is this thing teaching him? Regardless of how it works, it is doing what his father wanted. Made him less of a coward. He still has a little bit of cowardice but it is hard to notice just by watching him.

Current Status: Sir. Lancelot William is serving as a champion for judicial duels and he has not been defeated in any of them so far. This makes him a lot of coin and many other knights are a bit jealous of this. His cowardice still shows up a little when confronted with a challenge to an honor duel. But he manages to talk his way out of them while leaving the challenger a bit miffed.

We are not sure if it is METATRON that is telling him what to say or if his wit was developed as a result of his aversion to conflict. As far as the suit of armor itself, we now know it is part of Guild of Technomancers Project called METATRON. The codename of the suit is DIVINE ANGEL. Our sources indicate he is willing to go on a bit a errantry with an adventuring party and it might even take care of his cowardice.

End of line.

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